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Ball Christmas Ornaments with Fabric and Styrofoam Balls

Several years ago, I learned a very easy and enjoyable method for creating lovely and special Christmas ornaments. You can choose to give them as gifts or keep them to decorate your own tree. You can create them in just a single afternoon with friends or your children.

Materials needed:

  • Styrofoam Balls which can be different sizes, but not larger than a baseball.

  • Fabric Squares of varying sizes and materials, especially bright and glitzy ones.

  • Bits and Pieces: You can decorate your ornament with just about anything you like -- ribbon, beads buttons, costume jewelry, or whatever you see fit.

  • Hot Glue Gun and Scissors to trim and hold together all of your odds and ends.

  • Thread for fastening and securing.

  • Tiny Pins and Tacks to attach ribbon and beads.

Basic Techniques:

Step 1. Select a beautiful square piece of fabric. In the middle of the square, place a styrofoam ball.

Step 2. Gather the four corners of the square to the center of the ball. Wrap the piece of precut thread around the gathered corners. Secure the thread with some hot glue. This will keep it from unraveling. Note that you can also determine which size fabric to use with which size ball by placing the ball in the center of the piece of fabric and gathering the corners together.

Step 3. Decide whether or not to leave or cut the gathered fabric. It will depend on how it appears. If the cloth feels too thick in this area, then you can cut it to make it thinner. If you choose to cut the top off, cover that area with something decorative, like a ribbon flower, beads, or sequins.

Step 4. In the area where you gathered and cut the fabric, you will need to loop it with a ribbon or beads on a wire, and fasten it to the styrofoam ball in the center with a pin, tack, or a little glue. To hang the ornament on the tree, the loop is used.

Step 5. This is where the real fun starts. Begin by adding ribbons, beads or buttons and your choice of decorations that you have picked out. Sequin pins or tacks can be used to attach decorations to the fabric ball. Make sure to use a little dab of glue so that nothing falls off.

When you believe you have finished making your ornament, spin it around and be certain it looks good from all directions. Cover up or hide anything that isn't attractive. You can create ornaments of various sizes. They are very lightweight and simple to hang up.

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