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Easy Christmas Crafts

Christmas Craft Ideas - Two Creative and Easy Christmas Crafts For Great Gifts

Christmas is a wonderfully exciting time for children of any age. As children get older, they start wanting to show appreciation to the people they love. Children are the recipients of most of the gifts under your tree, so when they make crafts they are able to say "thank you" in their own creative way.

Because children don't have jobs or incomes, they often find it difficult to buy presents at Christmastime; still, there are ways that you, as a parent or other mentor, can help them out. Children will feel like they are helpful during the holidays when assisting you in making easy, affordable, and fun crafts.

These are three exciting and easy Christmas craft ideas that your children will love:

1) Christmas figure light bulbs (for children ages 7 and up):

Materials -- A single light bulb, fabric paints, glue, string, and miscellaneous decorative materials (such as eyes, felt, etc.).

Directions -- First, choose what Christmas seasonal figure you'd like to make (Santa, his wife, an elf, a snowman, etc). Well let's just assume that you've chosen Santa. Use a skin-colored paint on the light bulb. Allow it to dry. When dry, hold the bulb so that the metal part is at the top and the bigger end is at the bottom. Next, draw or paint in rosy cheeks, red lips, a white beard, eyes, and a nose. Add any additional details you'd like. Add a hat, but be sure to fasten it tightly. Lastly, add string so you can hang your decoration anywhere you want. If you did not put a hat on your ornament, then you can just put string through the metal part of the bulb where it would normally screw into a lamp. You're finished. If you've added a hat just tie the string on top, making sure that your hat is on tightly so that your bulb isn't in danger of falling and breaking.

2) Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree (for children ages 10 and up):

Materials required -- Crazy glue, ribbon, mini lights (a small set), cardboard, 13 empty baby food (or similar) jars, and other decorative items.

Directions -- Ensure that all of your jars are clean and empty. Lay a piece of cardboard flat. On the top of the cardboard, set your baby food jars up in the shape of a pyramid (or Christmas tree). When you feel you have the setup exactly the way you want it, trace the ring of the jars onto the cardboard with a pencil. Remove the baby food jars from the cardboard and cut out the shape of the tree. Next, take the tree-shaped piece of cardboard and attach the baby food jars using a strong glue. After you've fastened them with glue, grab your mini lights set and arrange it around the jars any way you want, making sure that the end of the light string is somewhere near the bottom of the tree and leaving enough cord to plug the lights into an outlet. Next add ribbon, glitter beads, and anything else you want to decorate the rest of the tree. After everything is dry, put the Christmas tree up and plug it in to an outlet. Now you have a gorgeous decoration that most anyone would love to have at Christmastime.

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