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Christmas Paper Crafts

Christmas Crafts - Great Fun for the Entire Family!

The holiday season is so wonderful because it can bring out the creative side in everyone. There are goodies to bake, items to make, and crafts to design and create. You should start the tradition of making Christmas crafts every season.

Kids really like crafts and creating things with their own hands. By creating a great Christmas craft, using all of their hard work, your children will feel accomplished and proud. They will love the process as well as spending some quality creative time together as a family.

Your first job will be to pick out which craft you want to make. There are many things you could make, from a table decoration to a wall hanging or a tree ornament. A great source of ideas is your child's teacher. They are sure to have lots of wonderful ideas for Christmas crafts.

You'll need to buy all of the materials after you've chosen the Christmas crafts you want to make. If you live near a craft store, you can purchase your supplies there. You can get everything you need online if shopping is inconvenient for you or if you just don't enjoy doing it. You might think about purchasing some miscellaneous materials, like as googly eyes, different colored construction paper, markers, streamers, etc. Look through all of the instructions for the craft you want to create in order to make a good list of what you need to buy.

If you'd like to create a more unique craft, you can try making a walnut shell cradle ornament, a jingle spider, or a sock friend.

Yet another great Christmas craft idea is to design a reindeer mask from construction paper. You will need pieces of dark brown, light brown, and tan paper, a Popsicle stick, a pencil, some glue, and any extra additions you want to add.

  1. Make a tracing of your hand on the construction paper that is dark brown.
  2. Now trace the other hand too.
  3. Cut out both tracings, being careful as these will be the antlers for the reindeer!
  4. Using the light brown or tan paper, cut a head shaped like a teardrop.
  5. Along the bottom of each one of your hand cutouts, place glue in a thin line.
  6. On the back of your cutout that is shaped like a head, glue the antlers on. Let's just be sure to add them where reindeer antlers would normally belong!
  7. Glue two googly eyes onto the face.
  8. Next, take a red pom pom and glue it on as a nose.
  9. Place a mouth or color a mouth onto the Reindeer
  10. Put the Popsicle stick on the bottom of the Reindeer's head and glue it down. Glue it to the back, not to the front, so that it doesn't take attention away from the face.
  11. After everything dries, march around the house wearing your brand new reindeer mask!

There are many more fantastic Christmas crafts besides this one. You can obtain many ideas from magazines or from talking to other people. Think about the best crafts to do as a whole family and start a great seasonal tradition.

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