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Christmas Decorating Ideas to Increase the Holiday Spirit in your Home

Christmas decorating is a must for the majority of us who take joy in the holiday season. For some, there is no limit. The thought is that you can't have too many lights or too much glitter. Others prefer a minimal display of holiday decor, but vibrant colors and just a touch of shimmer are still pretty much commonplace.

In many neighborhoods the display of lights and sounds grow bigger and more complex every season, with neighbors trying to outdo each other. If that is something that tickles your fancy, then go for it. There are many ways to decorate your home in a beautiful manor without it being expensive or a large drain of time or without it being a competition, and instead retaining the good will of the season.

The most important thing is to chose decorations that carry some meaning for you and compliment your family's lifestyle and tastes. If your style is more unorthodox, then go with what feels good to you. Christmas is a time to celebrate with family, and friends, so if snow globes with a multitude of snow and glitter are what floats your boat, then go for it.

Of course the primary reason for Christmas is a celebration of things that we hold near to our hearts, like our family and faith, so if the nativity scene is the central theme of your Christmas, be sure to include it. If you decorate to suit your tastes, whether they be traditional, or eclectic, you may find that the process is a joy rather than a chore.

Adding color is usually the theme of the Christmas season and the reason you decorate your home. Personally, I love colorful Christmas decor and the multicolored lights mixed with the greenery, and the bold shades of red, and the flash of gold. I love that two hundred houses can be decorated, and no single look will be duplicated.

Here are some great holiday decor ideas and tips to help jump start your holiday decorating. First, think about what you love most about Christmas holiday decorating. Do you love a monotone theme where the decorations follow a color scheme, or do you prefer a chaotic mix of colors?

If a more toned down look is more to your liking, choose a color scheme first, then shop for those colors. Red or blue, incorporated with gold or silver accents, all gold, or silver are popular choices. Pink is a soft, lovely color if you want more tranquil look in your holiday decor, and it also pairs well with silver or gold. For a more dramatic look, pair burgundy with gold accents.

If you're looking to have a more polished look, stick to the color palette you have selected, rather than mixing in other elements. If you have chosen a light blue and silver, then the bright red of the ribbons on the fireplace will clash. It's best to choose colors that compliment, like a darker shade of blue that will blend in.

Some traditional Christmas decorating themes are cherubs, angels, Santa, snowmen, birds, candles wreaths, grape clusters, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Some children's favorites are cartoon characters, gingerbread men, gingerbread houses and stockings hung from the fireplace mantel awaiting their annual stuffing with various treats and goodies.

Here is an example of adding a theme to your home for the holidays. Get a gingerbread home, with all the bells and whistles like a candy roof and windows. Include ginger bread people in the decorations. These can be real, or made to look real, and sprinkle a few throughout the house to polish it off. If the gingerbread people are wearing red and green, incorporate those colors into the rest of your decorations, and throw in a bit of gold accents, and your house will be beautiful and holiday season ready!

There are various, gorgeous Christmas decorating ideas and items around that make choosing seem confusing, and there is a chance that you could end up with a variety of elements that you don't think will work together. Choosing a theme and color scheme first, takes much of the guesswork out of shopping when the time comes.

The good thing about decorating your home for the holidays is that you don't have to do everything by the book. Take this time to let your creativity flow! You can take what you love from years past, and build on that to implement a whole new look this year. The most fulfilling thing is to share it with those that are special to you.

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