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Christmas Door Decorations - A Way to Greet Guests Over the Holidays

For those that don't have the time or money to invest in outdoor Christmas decorations, consider instead spending some extra time creating a gorgeous Christmas door decoration. This is one of the most popular ways to make a statement that everyone will love during the holidays.

The Classic Wreath.
Maybe the most recognizable option for decorating the door is the Christmas wreath, complete with holly berries. It is simple, elegant and steeped in tradition. In many instances, this will be all that is required to communicate your holiday mood to those who drop by during the holidays.

Wrapping Paper.
Another way to make a festive statement for Christmas is to decorate your door with wrapping paper. To cover the front door in something awesome, try this. Metallic silver, gold, green, or red can make it very attractive. You could invest in an oversized bow that will complete the look. This is an extremely affordable method of decorating the door!

Other Ideas.
You can use other methods to decorate your door. As an example, how about getting a big piece of cardboard and cutting out a snowman? Or, perhaps a Santa, or better yet, get creative and come up with an idea of your own. With paint and a bit of talent, you'll have a unique, handcrafted decoration. Add cottonballs to make Santa's trademark beard. Make his suit from felt.

You may want to envision what is transpiring as guests arrive at your home. For instance, the addition of lighting and decorations along the path that leads up to your front door makes the Christmas door decorations stand out and look perfectly placed. Some items that you may find yourself considering are small, even mini sized trees and decorative wreaths. Consider wrapping the interior of the door with paper, also. A nice place to find suggestions is at schools where teachers usually embellish their doors!

Maybe you'd like to do something that will stand out from the norm. For instance, create a front entrance to your house that is really a gigantic greeting card. Buy oversized cards, available at the local craft store, and create them. Your visitors will be greeted by a festive doorway with an area inside where they can sign their names. In this way, you will not only have a Christmas door decoration, but you will have a memento of the occasion.

Christmas door decorations enable you to create a beautiful entrance to your home, and is a great way to collect memories that will last a lifetime.

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