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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone Young and Old

Do you shop for Christmas all year and have everything you are going to give for Christmas ready to be given by the end of October? If this is you, then you don't need this article. This article is for YOU if you are part of the 98% of people who wait until the last minute for decent gift ideas, then spend Christmas Eve running around like a crazy person looking for anything that will make a half perfect gift.

While some of us do procrastinate, the majority of us just have too many other things in our lives to have time to Christmas shop. And just when you start to consider it, the holiday season is here and it's already Christmas Eve! Other people just can't find the time to go shopping any sooner. As an example, consider college students. They are busy worrying about the next test or term paper and don't have time to think about shopping.

I am famous for waiting until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts. It's mostly because it's hard to find enough time. Several years ago I had a brilliant idea that saved both a lot of time and money. Instead of rushing around spending money I don't have and wasting gas and time, I bake instead! In one day, I bake cookies, pumpkin bread and other treats, then arrange them on gift plates for everyone on my list. It's even easier with the "place and bake" cookies available in the grocery store today. It makes a great gift for everyone. Every year my loved ones enjoy getting their gift plates. I give them a festive touch by wrapping them in colorful plastic wrap and tying them up with ribbons and bows in Christmas colors. I had some extra money one year and bought gifts instead of baking gifts for some people in my family. That wasn't a good idea - they wanted their Christmas goodies!

If you don't bake or don't have enough time, there are many other options to choose from. One of the ideal options is to do online shopping. Doing your Christmas shopping on the Internet is very beneficial when you are making purchases for friends and family members who reside in another town. You can order the gift, have it sent right to them, and usually have it gift wrapped. Occasionally, great bargains can be located on the Internet also. There are many great websites you can visit and order from, and most stores have online shopping options.

The gift of pictures is another fantastic gift idea. You have many options available to you. You can have a family picture taken at an affordable portrait studio. Spend a few hours getting photos taken and you will have everybody's gifts done! For a gift that will be treasured for years to come, place photographs of you and your family in nice Christmas frames. You could hire a photographer and have him or her do a photo shoot at a location of your choosing. It might be a little more expensive to hire a professional photographer, but the final photographs will certainly be beautiful.

A great idea for perfect last minute Christmas gifts -- books! Many people don't consider books. The latest bestselling novel or a special edition of a classic make perfect gifts for everyone. An advantage to buying something at a bookstore is that they are usually not as busy as the malls and other stores, and going to the bookstore or any place else in the final hour, you will certainly find some discounts. Getting the same new book for everyone will save a lot of time, money and worry in the days before Christmas.

Finally, you could always use an old standard of handing out gift cards. Most people find a gift card very useful. You can get gift cards at department stores, Starbucks, and even many grocery stores offer them now! With food prices skyrocketing, anybody would appreciate a little help at the checkout line! Because you can find them nearly everywhere and you don't have to spend any time finding them, gift cards make the perfect gift. It's enough if you have a general idea of what somebody would like. Enjoy your time not shopping this year, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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