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Christmas Lights Decorations

Christmas Lights And Holiday Decorations

Everyone, from those that go all out to those who choose simplicity, possess a little bit of the Christmas spirit during the holiday season. This can be shown through anything from a blow up Santa, to a simple candy cane, or a manger scene or even the traditional Christmas tree strung with lights. Christmas light decorations and all of our traditions have a piece of history associated with each and every one of them.

Here are some ideas for festive symbols:

Christmas trees:

An evangelistic monk was said to have traveled to Germany in the 7th century to spread the word of God. To the first village he arrived he offered a tree as a symbol of the trinity, it's triangular shape representing God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Small white candles were used to decorate the very first "Christmas tree."

Tinsel was added as a traditional decoration in 1610. Once Christmas trees spread as a tradition throughout England they started to use glass beads and snowflakes as decorations. America had the festive custom introduced to it by the 1800's. Lighted Christmas trees developed as a universal tradition in the U.S. in the years after the second World War.

Christmas lights:

Christmas has always been associated with light and guidance so before the advent of electricity, candles were a popular part of decor during the holidays. Holders were made to cling to the branches of a Christmas tree, and for a few moments, the Christmas tree of a town or family could be lit up with a myriad of flames of hope.

Edward Johnson's 1882 Christmas tree is the foundation for today's electric lights. A colleague of Thomas Edison, he decided to use this wonderful idea for festivity in the Christmas season. The idea we have today was developed from his small rotating tree lit up by red, white and blue electric bulbs.


It used to be that all ornaments were crafted with glass or made from edible material. The market for glass ornaments on Christmas trees and wreaths was started in Europe. When material possessions were scarce and unwanted during our pioneer days, Christmas trees were strung with popcorn, gingerbread and cranberries. More affordable and sturdy ornaments started to be sold with the invention of injection mold plastics in America.

Candy Cane:

A director of a German choir used to give straight mint sticks to his well behaved students. Eventually the candy cane became curved to resemble a Shepard staff representing the guidance of Jesus.

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