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Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights For The Holiday Season!

Decorating the outside of your home is a wonderful way to show your holiday spirit, and your display can grow each year as you add new items. Christmas lights are the most important and the most popular outdoor decoration. Whether you only put out a few lights or you light up everything on your property, you need to light your house at Christmastime to avoid being thought of as the local Scrooge. There are many different styles to choose from. Select icicle lights, globe lights, classic large bulb lights and/or net lights for your shrubs. Lights can also come in single color or multi-colored strands with the option to have motionless or flashing varieties.

Deciding on the outdoor plan is a priority and once you've done so, you can choose the items with which to decorate. Picking a theme to center your decorative pieces around is the easiest thing you can do. This is important because it will pull all your decorations together and make it look even more beautiful. When choosing a theme, select one that you can add to every year to make it better and more interesting. If you want to, go ahead and make some decorations of your own. It can add meaning to your display and can become a project that the whole family can enjoy.

Winter wonderland is as always a very popular theme. There are so many festive decoration choices for this theme. Snowmen and deer are excellent for this purpose. There are many different types available. A popular but affordable choice is the inflatable snowman. Another fantastic holiday look is a scene including acrylic snowmen and deer covered in lights. There are also animated versions of these traditional holiday decorations. This theme would work great with icicle lights around the outside of the house. Snowflake lights are also available and would look great decorating your patio. Think about decorating all of the trees and shrubs with lights for a fabulous holiday look.

The Nativity is another theme that fits well with the season. You have the choice of using either pre-lit figures or using a spotlight on those that are not. You could even add holiday music in the background. You can easily expand upon this scene each year. You can always start with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. You could even consider putting in a stable for them. Later on down the road you could purchase wise men, shepherds and other animals. This theme can also be enhanced by the addition of decorative stars.

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