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Christmas Ornament Storage - Great Ideas For Old Decorations

Most families own a collection of Christmas ornaments they display on their Christmas trees during the holidays. Quite often, these ornaments are full of nostalgic value. On the other hand, when you've been using the same ornaments year after year, they can get a little mundane. What's important to remember is, you don't have to say good bye to your old ornaments in order to refresh your tree. Keep all your treasured things and just find a new way to display them.

When cleaning out an old collection of ornaments, dispose of any that may be worn or broken. Some you can easily repair, while others will be beyond repair, and should be disposed of for safety reasons. Next, separate the remaining ornaments into two groups: those you are keeping, and those that are being thrown away. If there are ornaments that you are not keeping, or don't want to donate to charity, think about giving them to another member of your family. Another family member might be quite pleased to receive an old heirloom ornament as a gift.

After cleaning out your old Christmas ornaments, and deciding what you're going to keep, it's time to choose how you want them to be displayed. If you still want them displayed on the main Christmas tree in your home, consider ways to update the look of your tree. If you are using an artificial tree, consider a live Christmas tree this year, or perhaps just purchasing a new artificial tree in a differing size or color. Adding new ornaments in complimentary, or different colors, will refresh the look of the tree. You may also want to consider using new lights. For instance, If you've always used multiple colored lights in the past, change it up a bit and use plain white. You'll find your holiday ornaments really make the overall appearance of the tree "pop". Also, you could add other kinds of decorations to make your tree look brand new. Add strings of beads, tinsel, feathers, floral accents... when it comes to decorating your tree, there are no limits! For a one-of-a-kind, whimsical tree, you can add almost anything and it will simply enhance the character of the tree.

In some instances, you may not want to use your old ornaments on your main Christmas tree. You've been using them all these years; why not invent a totally new way to display them? One alternative is to buy a smaller tree that you display in a separate part of the house, and only decorate it with your old ornaments. A small table-top tree will be large enough if your collection of old ornaments is not very big. These smaller trees can be quite lovely on an end table or buffet, displayed on a counter top in a guest bathroom, or in a foyer.

Old ornaments also look beautiful when displayed in a lighted curio cabinet. Try adding old photos to the display that show your Christmas tree decorated with those same ornaments. Another idea is to carefully place old ornaments down inside a larger, clear vase, bowl, or hurricane lamp. This is a beautiful, safe way to display your ornaments. The bowl or vase can be used as centerpiece on your table for the holidays.

Be sure to store your old ornaments safely. When packed away, they should be separated so they are not touching because they may end up scratched or broken. Make sure to pack them at the top of the storage boxes. Remember, the further you have to dig to find something, the better chance it will get broken in the process.

The next time you are going through your holiday decorations, do not dispose of them just because you may have tired of them. There are a variety of new ways to display old items. With time and creativity, you can invent a unique way to display your old, treasured memories.

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