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Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas Tree Decor - Traditional Decorations

There are two most common types of Christmas tree décor: Country and Victorian

The Victorian way of Christmas tree decor is more costly than the American country style, which can be made more readily from available decorations, fabrics, and other materials. Then again, you will find the Victorian style works quite well with tall, slim artificial trees as well as corner trees. This is because it is an older style that fits in under many circumstances.

The type of Christmas decor referred to as "country" developed in the United States and did not exist until the 19th century. The tree's look is more robust, and wider than the Victorian tree. It uses the robust look of a natural pine. Although, any type of fir tree can be used as a Christmas tree in America.

If you like a Christmas tree that is wider and fuller to decorate in the country style, but your home space isn't big enough; you can also replace this with a synthetic corner tree that looks like a pine. When you shop for Christmas tree decorations online, you will also want to look for a country style artificial tree. Be sure to select one that is shorter and fatter to achieve the country look. If you want a tree to look really traditional, it should be a real tree. You can have an authentic tree delivered to you just in time for Christmas at

Traditional country decor for Christmas is typically in colors of green and red. For a true-to-life effect, don't use twinkling mini-lights, rope lights, or fiber optic lights to illuminate the tree. The only style that will work is old fashioned classic red, green, blue and yellow oval shaped lights. At the minimum its illumination should be red and green.

Country Christmas style is usually pretty rustic. To make country style ornaments, use wood, tin, stuffed toys, velvet, ribbon, glass and tinsel.

There are many wooden ornaments to choose from, including tiny sleighs, food replicas and characters like Santa and his elves. Bright red and shiny apples are a popular decoration for the country style. Whether you're shopping online or at the mall, don't forget that the Christmas balls should be red and green in color. It is best if they are shiny metal, not frosted, if you want to achieve this look.

To create the American country style Christmas tree, you will want to use plenty of tinsel. This can be done with either icicles or garlands. Different kinds of tinsel garlands are available in traditional colors like white, red, green, or metallic; these are wrapped around the tree in a spiral pattern. You should hang your silver tinsel icicles in clumps near the tips of the branches.

If you want an old country feel to your Christmas tree, be sure to hang bows on it. Red velvet and plaid bows are usually used. Soft toys like teddy bears and seasonal figures can be seen hanging from the tree using thread as decor. Looking for Christmas ornaments online can reveal a lot of plush or rustic style wooden decorations.

This particular tree also uses homemade baked goods in its decorations. Gingerbread persons and teddy bears compliment the color of the dark green branches on Christmas trees quite nicely. The country look also includes garland made of popcorn.

A tree like this is normally topped with some kind of star. A handcrafted topper is usually made from a cardboard cut out star wrapped in tin foil. Of course, if that just won't do, you can find plenty of variety online. When you search for Christmas stars on the internet you are likely to find anything from stars made of feathers and tinsel to flashy electronic contrivances with blinking lights.

The Victorian style will look it's finest on the tallest possible tree you can find. This English style of tree decorating originated with Queen Victoria at the turn of the last century. It is better for a Christmas tree to have more height and be very thin.

The Victorian style is better suited for certain trees over others. The balsam fur and the spruce are examples of the taller thinner types of trees. A Victorian tree is plump and round, not spindly like the average American tree. You will not see light through the branches of a traditional Victorian tree. Also the hue of Victorian trees usually has a little bluish tinge on their green branches. This is something to remember when you are looking for a traditional or small corner Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree decor of the Victorian Era was extremely elaborate. On a Victorian tree, you will usually find such things as musical instruments, animals, angels, portraits, and birds. Decorations can have different shapes, like cones, spheres, and globes. Tin and glass are the main materials for these decorations. The main thing is to have lots of them. You can hang lots of tiny decorations on a Victorian Christmas tree since they are supposed to be cluttered looking.

An American tree will have a different set of colors that a traditional Victorian style tree. The colors gold and silver should be utilized more than other colors such as green and red. Pink, blue and lavender ornaments are also very common on a Victorian tree than on an American country style tree.

Crystal drops, similar to the ones that hang from chandeliers and lampshades, hung on evergreen branches as element traditional Victorian Christmas tree decor. Go to a craft store and buy plastic ones that you can attach to your tree with pretty wired gold ribbon.

The American country style and the Victorian style both utilize plenty of tinsel and bows. English style is dictated more by ribbons in gold, silver, pink and lavender more so than American.

For an authentic look, your Victorian style Christmas tree should have lights that look like candles. If you are looking for Christmas lights that resemble candles, be sure to look online. There you will find a lot of sites that have beautiful Christmas lights that look just like real candles in holders. One place that sells these is these work well in a theme with small blue and yellow lights, which better imitate the look of real candles hung in the tree.

Victorian trees are often adorned with faux snow. It is commonly referred to as "flocking", comes in a can. The purpose of using this spray is to make the branches of the tree look like it has been covered by a fresh dusting of snowflakes.

You do not have to be a North American resident to choose one type of Christmas tree decorations over a different one. The bottom line is that it's a matter of personal taste, and how high your ceiling is, and whether or not you can fit a larger tree into the designated space. With an artificial tree that is placed in a corner, you won't have these worries.

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