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Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations - How To Make Guide

With gifts, food, wrapping paper, parties, and Christmas pageants guaranteed to drain your bank account during the the Christmas season, it's up to you to use your creativity to save money somehow. Trim your tree into creative shapes that can help your personality come to life, and save money at the same time! Why not craft your very own holiday decor? It's fun and affordable, and it's something the whole family can do together.

For example, you can decorate colored glass balls you already have by using adhesive spray and glitter, or heat up your glue gun and adhere some sequins or rhinestones that can be found at any craft store. Yarn, ribbon, raffia, stickers and even old buttons can make for great looking decorations. If you have bits of lace, velvet or other fabric, try trimming them into a special shape, and affix them to the glass ornament.

We are all sent beautiful greeting cards each season. Use some of those favorite ones from the year before for this season's tree. You can use the entire card if you like, or you can simply cut out the pictures or scenes on the front that you find to your liking, and use them to make an ornament. You could also transfer these to a glass ornament.

Try pulling out small toys from your children's rooms and use those also. You can make a theme out of any creative idea to use for your christmas tree. Look around and see what old toys you have to incorporate into your holiday scheme. You could even incorporate some larger toys to surround the base of the tree.

Did you know you can bake ornaments for your tree as well? If you love to bake, and and your family and friends love your treats, a cookie tree is a great and tasty idea. Gingerbread boys and girls would be enchanting, and you can place a small hole in the top of any cookie you bake and hang it on the tree with some satiny ribbon. Decorate your cookies with some vividly colored sugar or icing, or simply make up some dough that you can bake and then paint and decorate at a later time.

The young, and young at heart, can get involved in the ornament making fun. Use crayons, paints, colored construction paper, and glue! You could include your most cherished giftwrap and ribbons. Have children put a date on each ornament they make, so you can enjoy it for years to come. You might have such a blast doing this, that you may want to have a yearly Chiristmas tree ornament making day each year before decorating the tree.

Certainly don't be hesitant to use things that are lying around collecting dust or waiting to be thrown away. Old earrings and jewelry, feathers, felt, colorful pencil erasers, canceled stamps, and fish aquarium marbles and rocks can all be utilized as part of your artful and creative homemade ornaments.

Your creativity is the key, so try everything you can think of and start making those decorations today!

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