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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments - Tree Toppers

Ever since my childhood, the top of my Christmas tree always had a white, angelic fairy. Could it have been an angel? No, I'm certain it was the Christmas fairy; and she was always last to go on the tree, after the tinsel. One thing's for certain, it was always after all the decorations were put in their usual places on the tree.

Life is much more competitive now, and the Christmas tree topping fairy has a host of competitors coveting the top spot, the pinnacle of Christmas tree ornaments.

Will the classic Christmas tree fairy's competition keep her confined to a history of being a star ornament? No, maybe assigning her that status is a bit premature; If you desire an antique Christmas tree fairy to top your tree, then you may be able to find them online without much difficulty.

There really is a huge assortment of Christmas tree toppers these days. The fairy's nemesis is the angel, also competing for the top spot as the Christmas tree topper, and even Santa Clause is trying to get in on the action, not content any longer to be just a chimney dweller.

I am uncertain if Santa Claus knows about it, but his defiant reindeer are also secretly looking to step into the limelight, and without a doubt will be showcased at the top of several Christmas trees. Also the increased popularity of snowmen has gone to their heads somewhat and you will notice them grinning from the top of plenty of shining decorated trees.

The spot on the top of the tree may even be given to something as basic as a shape. A star is a popular choice, but there are many other shapes that can be found on top of the tree.

While the Christmas tree fairy was commonly a doll, today you can choose from a variety of designs and materials. Handpainted metal is very widely found now. As always, it comes down to price and personal preference in regards to buying your Christmas tree toppers. Well, at least you can be thankful that you have various options. At one time, you didn't have that option.

You and your guests will enjoy your choice of unique Christmas tree ornaments.

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