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Battery Christmas Lights

Decorating Made Easy with Battery Operated Mini Lights

There are times when you don't have access to an outlet but you still want to decorate a display, wreath or centerpiece with lights. Or maybe the issue is how to use mini lights for decorations while avoiding a tangle of cords everywhere.

Battery operated Christmas lights are an easy and decorative solution. These versatile lights can be used throughout the year, not just during the holidays. All kinds of celebrations can benefit from their use including anniversary, birthday and dinner parties, wedding and baby showers, and dances, just to mention a few.

Battery operated mini lights are the perfect addition for indoor holiday decor. Bland buffet tables will be a thing of the past. If you want to amaze your dinner party guests, try grouping mini lights around the punch bowl for a dazzling effect. There will be a beautiful reflection from the light on the glass, particularly when the lights are dimmed. Raise Christmas centerpieces behind your food items to add an extra dimension and spark of interest to your holiday table. Intersperse battery operated mini lights amongst the leaves of plants or flower arrangements, and tuck the battery pack safely into the planter or vase. Battery operated mini lights will add a touch of elegance to the dessert table.

The wreaths that are up in your home all year long are perfect for decorating with clear mini lights. You can use several sets of battery operated lights to do this--just hide the battery packs by attaching them to the back of the wreath where they won't be visible.

Wreaths can be used to adorn every room in your home. They make a nice addition to your fireplace and they can be switched out to go with every holiday. If you want to add a little romance to the room, add battery operated Christmas lights. Create ambient lighting by stringing mini lights along the mantel. During the Christmas season don't forget to put battery operated lights on your Advent Wreath that sits on the table or in the dining room.

Is there a fireplace in your home that you would love to use if you could avoid the mess involved with burning real logs? If there is no outlet nearby, add cheery warmth to the room by using artificial logs and tucking battery operated mini lights in and around them.

Sparkling mini lights look great with large mirrors in the background. You can create a special effect by using battery operated Christmas lights to outline your hall or bedroom mirror if you have a convenient place to hide the battery pack. It will add a romantic touch to the bedroom. Visitors will find your hallway warm and welcoming.

Of course, you have probably seen people wearing unusual headgear. How about decorating your hat with battery operated mini lights when you march in the Independence Day parade? During your next fun run you can build team spirit by giving everyone on the team lights. Give some to your children as well. People are sure to notice you and your kids will always remember the experience.

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