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Decorating With LED Christmas Lights

The newcomers to this holiday season are LED Christmas lights. There are multiple reasons why they are so valuable. This article will provide you with many great ideas on how to use versatile LED Christmas lights to decorate.

First, here is an explanation of why they are so great. These lights are very durable for indoor or outdoor use because they are made of solid plastic.

One huge advantage of using these lights is that they use a minimal amount of energy thereby keeping your electric bill under control. They last longer than the traditional Christmas lights, and have a low operating temperature. If you drop them, they will remain intact. No broken glass to clean up, or burned out bulbs to replace. LED lights are rated by UL and LED manufactures to last for 90 days of seasonal outdoor use.

These lights come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes so you can use them for more than just Christmas decorations. Here are a few ways to utilize LED Christmas lights for all occasions not just for Christmas.

1) They will make a fantastic backdrop for you fireplace. You can use them to wrap around and frame your fireplace, mantel or garland.

2) When strung around walkways it creates a stunning and inviting look. Get some stakes to hang your lights from, creating artful borders along the curves in your walkways.

3) String around the perimeter of any structures such as your home, work-shed or garden. This will enhance the festive look you are going for with your home decorations.

4) They are a perfectly beautiful way to bring your dining room into the festivities of the season. The dining room is where most of the time is spent over the holiday season, so spruce it up with a string of festive lights. Whether the lights are being used or not it will make the room more glamorous.

5) They make any wedding decor look fabulous.

6) LED Christmas lights enhance and compliment your outdoor holiday decorating.

7) Why don't you make all the rooms festive by stringing LED Christmas lights throughout the home? Don't settle for just one Christmas tree, drape these LED lights all through your home, giving every room it's own cheer.

8) Use orange lights for Halloween or Thanksgiving parties. Celebrate the 4th of July with lights of red, white and blue.

9) Brighten up a baby shower by using blue or pink lights.

10) Any garden or flowerbed can benefit from the addition of LED Christmas lights. Make a different look by stringing them around the edges of your planted beds or using them to outline statuary.

These lights are gorgeous, no matter what color, and showcase the beauty around your home and yard. Let your creativity run wild and you'll soon find that you've come up with unique and interesting plans.

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