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Christmas Card Ideas

Great Ideas for a The Best Christmas Scrapbooking Card

The time is here and you are not prepared -- you need to get your yearly Christmas greeting cards ready. The problem is that you are weary of using the same old Christmas cards each year. Hopefully this article will inspire you to make the most memorable scrapbooking Christmas card this year.

To begin with, your family picture doesn't need to be a typical one. You know what I mean -- the boys are all wearing green and the girls are all wearing something red, or something similar. Add some spice to it. Some of the photos you take should be wacky. Choose the one that is the most outrageous. Perhaps something along the lines of the entire family tackling Santa Claus!

You can choose plain black and white pictures for a more serious type of greeting. The option is available on most of today's cameras, and it will add a nice look to your family shoot. Ignore this idea and try a different one if you've done this in previous years. Perhaps take inside out photos in which everyone wears their clothes inside out or even backwards. It would definitely be a different Christmas scrapbooking card, that's for sure!

Although it may have to wait until next year, the next time your family goes on an excursion, take some holiday attire or props. It would be a funny sight to see a snowman or Santa Claus on the beach next to the ocean on your family vacation. And no one said it needs to be the beach; why not try scuba diving with a reindeer? That certainly would be sweet.

All it takes is some creativity. Hopefully these suggestions gave you some ideas to consider. This year you definitely don't want to send out the same old mundane card. You can make a great Christmas card without spending a lot when you check out various other holiday cards, and add some imagination. When it is time to purchase, be sure to shop around. In order not to pay too much, do some research. You don't want to take the joy out of creating the perfect Christmas card by paying too much for it.

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