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Homemade Christmas Ornaments with Family Photographs

Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments are the ones my children and I make together each holiday season. Hanging these ornaments with my children's photos brings back fond memories of Christmas past.

Here are a few simple ideas for making your own Christmas photo ornaments. These are so easy to make that even your preschoolers will be able to join in the fun.

Christmas tree shape: Cut 1/8 inch green spongeboard with a three-inch tree template if you want a Christmas tree shape. A preschool child will be able to help decorate the green tree ornament. Cut out vibrant colored circles from the spongeboard. Even young children, with supervision, can glue these dots onto the tree as ornaments.

The next step is to cut a ½ inch hole near the bottom of the tree. The photo should be taped to the back to let the picture show through the opening. Loop red curling ribbon to the top of the tree to hang on the tree.

This holiday ornaments with photos are cheap, simple, and personalized so that you can make it for all your friends and family. Further personalize each ornament by having each child sign his name and the year with a black sharpie on the back of the ornament with his picture.

Felt Bells: My favorite Christmas photo ornament is the one I received the first year my son attended Mother's Day Out. A three inch tall bell was cut out of blue felt by the teacher. A smaller bell shape was cut with a hole in which to place the photo.

With the picture showing through the hole, affix the photo to the white felt. Attach the white bell to the front of the blue bell, so that it leaves a blue border showing all the way around.

The edges of the white felt can be outlined with a glitter glue pen. Make a hole in the top of the bell using a hole punch and thread ribbon through to make a loop for hanging on the tree.

You are almost done. Using blue poster board cut out a bell of the same size and shape. The Christmas ornament will stiffen if you glue it to the back. Give your bell its jingle by attaching a small bell to the bottom of the ornament. Writing the child's name and year on the back is an option.

As easy as that, you have made a quick and easy Christmas photo ornament to decorate your tree. You will have a handmade ornament that will become a treasured family keepsake.

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