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Free Christmas Crafts

Kids Free Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas crafts offer endless fun for children at holiday time. Making these fun and simple Santa craft projects can be a way to spend quality time with your children. Choose from our selection of free Christmas craft and decorating ideas.

SANTA PICTURE: If you need a holiday craft idea for your little ones, what better way to begin than with a Santa Claus picture? At Christmas time there are a ton of coloring books featuring Santa. Choose a picture from a book. Cut out the picture of Santa and place it in the center of a sheet of white construction paper. Adhere the picture of Santa to the paper using a glue stick.

Using colored markers, color in the picture. Santa's beard and the top of his red hat can have cotton balls added. To make eyes for Santa use some black buttons and for his nose, use a red button. Draw a background of Christmas motifs such as candy canes or trees around Santa.

When you have finished, your children can print their names underneath Santa. Mount their pictures onto a sheet of heavy cardboard and glue them in place. Place the picture into a frame for protection. Then you can proudly display your child's artistic talents in your house.

SANTA CHRISTMAS CARDS: Santa Claus Christmas cards are another fun craft for your children to make. Acquire a sheet of thick white paper and trim it to a 5"x7" rectangle. Fold it in half, either lengthwise or crosswise. It's time to get creative! Put photographs of Santa that your children can replicate onto the cover. Let them express their creativity using crayons or markers.

Once they have finished the outside, open the card and let them print Christmas greetings on the inside page. Handmade Christmas cards give pleasure at home or when sent to friends and family. Should you have a variety of projects on the go, ensure that this is added to your Christmas craft per day calendar.

MAKE A SANTA PLATE DECORATION FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE: The materials you will need for your Santa plate are crayons, markers, cotton balls, a large paper plate, and colored glitter. Trace or draw Santa (but without his hat) onto the paper plate. With glue, affix the cotton balls onto his beard. For a creative 3-D touch, stick several cotton balls together in a V shape to make Santa's beard, but attach it only at the ends so that it hangs from the plate.

Another location for cotton ball usage is for Santa's hair. Using red food coloring or a red marker, dye the cotton ball thoroughly. Now glue that red cotton ball right on Santa's nose. Along the edge of the plate, use a red or green marker. You could add some glitter, too. To finish, put a hook on the back of the plate so you can hang it on your Christmas tree.

Who said it's impossible? There are a great variety of ways to share quality time with your children as they design, create and decorate Christmas ornaments, pictures and cards with Santa pictures.

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