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Make Christmas Decorations in Your Own Unique Way

You've got to be kidding! I feel your pain! Surely, not so soon?

I'm so sorry. But I saw my very first chocolate Santa in the shops today. He was sheepishly hiding behind the chocolate pumpkins! I remembered how all the preparation I did in advance last year gave me more time than i dreamed possible for playing with the children, and indulging in my beloved champagne cocktails on Christmas day. In fact, my freezer and I will become ridiculously intimate over the next couple weeks as I begin to put together the Christmas meal my family expects, and store it away until I need it.

One great timesaver I'll let you in on, is to prepare your roasted potatoes whenever you have a spare half hour between now and then. No, I haven't totally lost it, although preparing for Christmas has been known to have that effect. Just peel, cut, parboil, and cool them down beneath running, cold water, and allow them to dry before packing them in a bag in the freezer, and forget them. On the big day, just tip them, separate but still frozen, into your hot pan that you've cooked the fat in, and pop them in the oven for an hour or so. They'll be just perfect. You can do it with parsnips as well.

But I've strayed off topic. The bottom line is to urge you to approach your Christmas decorating the same way.

Store bought decorations can be okay, but wouldn't it be fantastic if you could tell everyone, whether they ask you or not, that "the children and I made them!" while they admire your creations? Why use the same decorations for your place that everyone else has? With some advanced planning, you can create something fresh, and truly unique!

Making Christmas decorations need not be time consuming or complex -- especially if you get busy now that you have a guide to get started. After you have created, for example, a dazzling Christmas wreath, you have gained basic skills to play around and make your own designs.

Christmas Crafts is an e-book that walks you step by step through making a myriad of decorations from the wreath to the candy canes, with easy to understand instructions. I discovered it last season and the children and I spent some joyful -- and sometimes hilarious -- evenings and the season wore on making enough Christmas decorations to fill box after box. It became a real family tradition, and despite the fact that we have more than we actually need now, I'm being asked to break out the materials again!

And I will. The extras can always be given away as gifts!

Aphra has been writing academic articles, essays and papers for awhile now, and has turned to the Net. How come? Because that's her profession. Philosophy is a nearly obsessive interest but one has to eat. Over thirty years of working in the IT sector and in IT and non-IT positions have given her plenty of know-how. As a mother who dons multiple hats, she has more than enough acquired wisdom, also!

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