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Make Christmas Ornaments Crafts with Beads

If you are a person who does crafts or you are artistic, then you will probably have plenty of boxes stuffed with odds and ends of felts, ribbons, beads and sequins. This a perfectly fun and entertaining Christmas project.

You will need these materials:

  • Small bits of felt and a tightly woven piece of cotton for the base.

  • Batting is used to fill your ornament.

  • Beads and sequins provide sparkle to decorate your ornament.

  • A thin velvet ribbon creates a loop for hanging your ornament.

Basic Method: Design the holiday shape of your choice such as stars, bells, hearts or moons. The size and shape can vary as much as you would like, but obviously you don't want them to be so large or heavy as to tip the tree over! Cut the fabric into the desired shape in pairs, put the sides together and sew around the edges; be sure to leave a small opening to stuff. Turn inside out and stuff with batting to the desired thickness. Use a thin tool to ensure that batting gets everywhere, especially the corners. Use overcast stitches to close the hole.

For the chief design of the ornament, you can use sequins, a large bead, or even a small brooch. Go around this area and repeat a design of beads. To make a base, build up sequins in two or three graduated shapes and top with another bead to secure the creation. You will cover the shape with beads until the surface is covered, then make a bow out of the velvet ribbon, cutting the ends at an angle, then dipping the ends in glue so they don't fray. Finally attach a bow to the back and add a loop to it that will be used to hang the ornament.

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