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Make Christmas Ornaments for Stockings

This project is easy, quick and fun -- a great way to relax in this stressful and crazy time of year! You can make these pretty ornaments with things you have right now. Leftover scraps of material from other projects can be used for Christmas stockings ornaments.

Materials: Patterns or templates, fabric and felt scraps, ribbon, trim, lace, beads, sequins, buttons and anything else you'd like to use as embellishment.

A hot glue gun, needle and thread, scissors and 3-d glitter paint will prove to be valuable tools.

Basic Method: Draw a pattern for your stocking on a piece of paper. Draw any shape you like in two sizes: 2x4 and 3x6 inches. The size doesn't have to be perfect. There are so many different styles you could design your stockings in, such as with round or pointed toe, or to look like elf shoes; then save the pattern pieces in an envelope and use them again next year. Trace around the template, then carefully cut two pieces. Sew all the way around the stocking, leaving the top unstitched. You can use your favorite stitch or even hot glue the sections together along the inside if you like. Watch for burning your fingers when using the hot glue gun. Now for the fun part -- embellishing. Make a hanger for the stocking by looping a small piece of ribbon, then stitch or glue it to the top of your stocking, with the raw edge on the inside where it won't be seen. You might be giving these as gifts, so it's important they are well made. Add velvet ribbon, colorful fringe, pompoms, glittery beads or any other beautiful trim that catches your eye to embellish the top of your stockings. You can sew on beads or pin on old brooches, as long as they aren't too heavy. Let your creativity shine through in your designs. Try using 3-d glues and glitter paints for some fun and interesting effects. On your stockings you can paint on small circles, dots or stars as decoration. Be sure to allow 24 hour for the 3-d paint or glue to dry. Making sets (of two, four or as many as you need) of these fancy little stockings gives you more flexibility in using and arranging them. I made a bunch of them as part of a set in mix and match colors for my fireplace mantle. They look so cute and I put them up every year.

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