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Outdoor Infltable Christmas Decorations Offer Lots of Options

Outdoor Christmas decor is for everyone's enjoyment. The many available options will transform your lawn into a holiday wonderland, and the prices won't upset your gift buying budget.

The best way to avoid that "What on Earth were we thinking?" look is to make a well thought out list before shopping for your outdoor Christmas decorations. A simple line drawing of your yard, and a flat drawing of the front of your house, is all you'll need.

You can even take a few pictures of the front yard area and download them to your computer. This will help you visualize how you want it to look, without making a regrettable mistake.

Begin with the lights, and work around them. Do you want a candy cane theme, or a patterned color scheme? Are you planning to use monochromatic lights in all white or blue? White lights look like new, falling snowflakes, so combine them with the animated deer and fawn, who look as if they are grazing on the lawn, and you've got an instant snowy Christmas regardless of where you live. Add some spiral lighted trees and from a distance, this look will be classy in it's simplicity.

The color scheme of Santa's Workshop is white, green, red, and other primary colors. Find the largest inflatable Santa and elves that will fit on your lawn. You can get large, sturdy boxes from your local grocery store free of cost and wrap them in wrapping paper.

Drive a lawn stake into the ground of your yard, and make a small hole in the bottom of the gift boxes to secure the stake. This stabilizes the boxes. Purchase a spotlight to illuminate the scene, and soon you'll be looking at a virtual north pole in your front yard.

Giant, inflatable snow globes are increasingly popular. You can make this the main attractions of your outdoor Christmas decorations, then add smaller elements around it. Choose lights that will enhance the primary decorations.

Incorporate your surroundings into the decorating scheme. Before purchasing, refer to your drawing for ways to compliment the landscape. Do you have a tree to decorate and make the central focus of the lawn?

Consider lining the circular driveway with lighted candy canes and then follow that candy cane theme around the exterior of your home. The look is classic! One of the best, and most cost-effective accessories for outdoor lights, is a remote control.

This simple attachment plugs into the outdoor electrical socket, while the first light string plugs into the remote. Running out in the cold to turn the lights off late at night is a thing of the past. One push of the remote and Bingo! You are done. A ten dollar investment will pay for itself in convenience.

Whatever outdoor Christmas decorations you purchase, keep in mind that you have to find a place to store them for the rest of the year. Inflatable decorations are easy to deflate and store, but larger attractions may take up more space.

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