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Christmas Light Show

Outside Christmas Decorations Make for a Great Christmas Light Show

A full light show including music is the dream of anyone who loves to decorate their yard for Christmas. Although these shows can be daunting to arrange, the visual payoff is well worth the effort.

There are several steps which can motivate you to establish your own show.

Conduct your own research:

Alright, so before you plan any more, do make sure you understand that setting up a Christmas light show as part of your display takes a lot of time and patience. It's not as easy as just hooking up some lights and flipping a switch but it can be a great hobby. Keep reading if you're ready to learn.

There are a few things you'll need to do this:

1) A computer so you can work out the programming and sequencing.

2) A multiple channel light controller. The lights are controlled by this device.

3) A light controller programmed by software. This will assign how the lights behave in relation to the music.

4) An FM transmitter will broadcast your holiday music. It's unlikely that anyone around you will like having the same song playing over and over on a loop but an option you have available is to put a pair of speakers on your front porch to add to the atmosphere.

5) The lighting! To make a more complete display you should include not just the normal lights but special ones like icicles, net lights or animated yard displays.

Organize and Develop:
The enjoyment is about to begin. To ensure everything will work as desired, you should sit down with a pad of paper and a pencil and draw it all out. Decide what music you will be using, and choose a layout for the decorations. Your plan needs to include a drawn picture of your front yard and notes about how the show is going to work.

Buying Your Equipment and Decorations:
You have your plan, now you are prepared to purchase your decorations. Do your research to make sure you aren't paying too much as this can quickly get expensive. It's recommended that you get the software for the control box for the lights from the internet. You should get several results by searching the internet with Google or Yahoo and through those results you can compare your options.

Test them once, twice, three or even more times:
It's worth saying another time: Test once, twice, three or even more times. First you should set up the controller for one string of lights and make sure you understand how to get it to turn off and on. Then co-ordinate it with the music. Once you've added a second string of lights make sure you can turn them off and on easily. Now do you understand why this takes so long? The results are seriously worth all the effort.

Set It All Up:
Now that you've finished programming, all you need to do is set it all up. String the lights up, get the displays in position, and plug it all in.

After you have completed putting up all your decorations, all that is left is to sip hot chocolate and watch your neighbors even try to compete.

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