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Christmas Tree Skirt

Personal Christmas Tree Skirt - How To Make Your Own

Have you ever wished you could learn how to make a Christmas tree skirt yourself? Well, now's the time to do it! You can find many appealing Christmas tree skirts for sale at holiday time, but it sometimes happens that none of them exactly match your home decor or your personal Christmas decorations. You might decide it's time to make your own! Please keep in mind that these instructions aren't very specific and are only meant as a general guide.

The size of the tree skirt which you make is up to you. You will need to buy around six and a half yards of your chosen fabric, some lace to trim it, and matching thread. Once that you have your materials, here are the instructions for using them to make your own Christmas tree skirt.

First decide how big you want your Christmas tree skirt to be, and measure the size you have decided on. Now that you know what your measurements are it will be necessary to measure, in a circular shape, on the fabric. Carefully cut the fabric in a circle measuring the size you have decided to make your Christmas tree skirt. Make certain you cut a slit in the fabric so that it will fit properly around the tree.

You will need a sewing machine for the next step, which you need to thread with your matching thread. Turn the fabric with the back side turned outwards and sew it all around except for a section three to six inches long, leaving a slit open.

Next you should make a trip to your local craft shop, or check out the craft section in your local department store. The best choices for scents for your Christmas tree skirt are small, squashy mesh bags of Christmas-scented potpourris, such as pine or cinnamon. Make sure not to use more than two different scents in the Christmas tree skirt. Now take the skirt you have sewn and insert these scents through the slit you left open and spread them evenly so you don't have bumps and bulges. You can also cut open potpourri bags and use the contents.

After that, you will need to sew up a few inches, and leave a one inch slot. Before you add the scent, make sure to turn it inside out! Now, attach a bit of Velcro and close it. Now you have a finished Christmas tree skirt with a special personalized design and aroma. You're almost done and the last thing you should consider is adding a lacy edge to your creation.

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