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Personalized Christmas Gifts

Personalized Christmas Gifts - Top 10 Engraved Gifts

Personalized gifts remain popular during the holiday season, year after year. Gifts can be personalized to suit any needs, no matter if those are co-workers, family members, or close friends.

Number One. A basic for most male wardrobes is the monogrammed cuff link. An engraved initial can be added to cuff links by most jewelers for a special gift for your guy. Regardless of the number of initials you choose to use, this personalized Christmas gift is one that men are certain to use, though unlikely to buy themselves.

Number Two. A beautifully engraved and personalized vase is the essence of luxury and a very popular Christmas gift. Any woman would certainly appreciate this gift.

Number Three. You may get a custom personalized necklace in silver, white gold, yellow gold or platinum. "Sex and the City's" Carrie made these necklaces very popular and desired. The necklaces can be personalized with initials, names, or other personal symbols for the person that will be receiving it.

Number Four. The monogrammed tote is a popular and useful personalized gift. Tote bags are available in almost any shape, size, or color that you could possibly want.

Number Five. Do you have a photograph that you know is very special to one of your relatives? Think about an engraved frame for the special picture. The picture of the special time will remain forever special. Think about a photo of the grandchildren to show how special the grandparents are or a precious photo of newlyweds. The most sentimental and personal gift someone could possibly receive is a personalized photo frame of their family.

Number Six. Looking to purchase a gift for someone who really needs a cup of coffee a day? Coffee mugs can be personalized with engraved initials, initials written in rhinestones, a favorite quote or photograph.

Number Seven. Wine lovers will appreciate personalized engraved name plates to add class to their collection. Things that could be included in this personalized set would be wine openers, bottle stoppers, foil cutters, etc., for those people in your life who love wine. They will always think of you, wherever they are, when they use the personalized wine accessories you gave them.

Number Eight. Monogrammed pens are the perfect gift for any college student, co-worker, or just the sophisticated cousin you never know what to get -- they are luxurious additions to any work or study area.

Number Nine. A personalized cooler to take to tailgating parties and games is the perfect gift for loved ones who enjoy sports. In your own special way you can offer your support at the game, when you can't actually be there.

Number Ten. Personalized Christmas ornaments are the perfect gift in keeping with the season, and they can be shared year after year with wonderful memories.

A personalized gift is so special because the recipient knows great effort was used in purchasing it. What are the reasons to give a personalized gift? A gift should always be personal, but through time the personal experience of giving a gift has been somewhat lost. A good idea is to bring that back this year by personalizing your Christmas gifts.

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