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Religious Christmas Cards

Religious-themed Christmas Cards - Seven Creative Ideas for Sharing Your Christian Faith This Christmas

Let's be real. For those who prefer to send Christian-themed Christmas cards, there appears to be less to choose from than in past years. The card shops located in the mall have season greetings cards decorated with shiny ornaments, Santa Claus and plenty of holly. It is true that it is more difficult to find a nice selection of religious Christmas cards locally. What options exist if you want to issue an original card that exemplifies your belief in the true meaning of Christmas? The following are seven inventive ways to help communicate your Christian beliefs this Christmas season.

1) Do your shopping online. Do not reduce your options to stores that only carry the most common holiday greeting for pure profit. Go online and you'll see that it is filled with many boutique stores that provide a more specialized selection of items. You can search the Internet for those online stores that exclusively carry Christian products, including Christmas cards; you will also find sites that carry traditional holiday card that also provide a wide array of religious-themed Christmas cards.

2) Include a bookmark. You can still pick out a traditional Christmas card that has a pretty green wreath on the front, but put a bookmark with a Christian note on the inside of the card. Christian books stores sell these and you can find them on the Internet also. There are websites that can produce cheap custom bookmarks for you. You can add your individual touch with a special photo or Bible verse.

3) Send out a magnet. There are a lot of manufacturers that create customized narrow, flat magnets of various sizes that you can send in the mail. Sometimes they will customize it with a Bible verse, a picture, or a special message. You can give these to all of the people on your Christmas card list and they will keep this on their refrigerator for a long time after the holiday has past.

4) Send out Christmas cards that include a family photograph. There are online photo card businesses that have Christmas cards with religious pictures on them. A Christian message is used along with your picture and your own personalization. If you can't locate a company that specifically produces Christian-themed photo Christmas cards, then find one that offers you the option of personalizing your own cards more. You can include a Christian message or perhaps add your favorite Bible verse. Give everybody on your Christmas list a chance to notice the happiness that the Lord gives by looking at the expressions on your family's faces. Most folks will hold onto a photo card much longer than the regular paper greeting card. And your message stays with them longer.

5) Create it yourself. If you have had trouble locating the perfect Christmas card it is quite simple to create your own. To start, select a big colorful background - try scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or perhaps even regular construction paper. Cut pictures from magazines, your own photos, or your kid's drawings. With a paper that goes along with your background color, hand write or print your special message. Lay out all of the design elements on your background sheet, and when you like how they look, glue them in place. To make them in large quantity, you have two options. You can print out your final project by making a scan of it. Or try taking a photo with your own digital camera and find an online company to make prints for you. The entire family can be involved in this special project.

6) Put your testimony inside of it. It does not matter if you give standard holiday cards or religious Christmas cards, you can add a printed message about the way God has influenced your life. It does not need to be your entire life story in order to make an impression. True, you can share how faithful God has been in answering your prayers for the past year. Lots of individuals issue Christmas newsletters that toot the horn of the family's accomplishments over the past year. In place of this, think about telling someone else what the Lord has done. You don't know whose life could be impacted.

7) Say a prayer for each individual as you mail their card. As an alternative to fantasizing about wintertime weather with every Christmas card you sign, pray that the Lord will take care of that person and request that they have a blessed life. The person who gets a Christmas card from you might not know that you requested that God bless them while you were writing it, but it means a lot to put your faith into action.

Don't restrict your options to the few religious Christmas cards that are available in your neighborhood store, since there are a lot of artistic ways to show what you believe about the holidays. This season, create a special Christian Christmas card that reveals personal thoughts from your heart and shows the real purpose for the season.

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