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Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas Lights! - A Great Way to Save Energy This Holiday Season

The memories invoked by all the decorations in their neighborhood as a child, make people think fondly of Christmas lights. A great creative outlet for holiday lovers is the decorating of the outside of their home with a beautiful Christmas light display. You may wonder about the impact Christmas lights have on your electric bill in these tough economic times. Fortunately, you can set those lights up anyway due to a solar solution that allows you to keep your creativity and minimize the cost of electricity.

You might be skeptical about solar Christmas lights. It might seem a little odd that something that is meant to be used in the dark can function with the sun being its source of power. The key is that there is a hidden battery connected to the solar collector. The sun's rays land on the solar panel during the day, and they are stored as energy in the battery to be used as power at night. There is an optical system integrated into the lighting system so it can 'know' when it's daytime or when it's nighttime.

The expanding solar Christmas lights market has provided a wide variety of colors and styles from which to choose. When viewed from the street by a passerby, solar strings look the same as older style plug-in lights because they are of a comparable brightness. They use low energy LED's for lighting, which allows them to burn brighter for much longer than standard incandescent bulbs. You can even hide the collector somewhere unnoticeable in the yard to do its work during the daytime.

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