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The Easy Approach to Christmas Cards

While everyone likes to get Christmas cards, not nearly as many people enjoy mailing them out! Although we all like to stay in touch with friends and family, the annual Christmas cards can seem like such an endless task that we usually put it off until the last minute. If you put them off too late, you might miss the last day to mail them to ensure delivery before Christmas!

Following are ten suggestions on how to make it more fun to send greeting cards.

1) Buy cards whose proceeds go to charity -- they are available from many charities and you can support a good cause while spreading holiday cheer.

2) If you have a long list of business or personal contacts, consider getting someone to handle your cards for you.

3) Keep your address book on your computer -- once you get past the time needed to set it up, it will save you time every year when you can easily print out labels.

4) Are your children computer savvy? In exchange, you can get them to put your address list on the computer.

5) Use the internet to do it. If you have people's email addresses, send them an e-card -- it's fast and free.

6) Don't bother sending cards to people you don't really know or like. If you don't find them worth the effort of writing a card, think hard about whether to send one at all.

7) What about not mailing physical cards at all? It's becoming commonplace to send an email around to wish people a Merry Christmas and tell them you donated the card money to charity.

8) If you usually write long letters in each card, consider typing one update on the computer and adding a copy of it to every card. Then you only have to write the news once.

9) If you only send a handful of cards to very special people, consider making them by hand. It's fun and creative, and will have a lot more meaning.

10) Lastly, remember to recycle your Christmas cards -- return them to the Woodland Trust or use them again next year to make gift tags.

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