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Best Christmas Gifts

The List of Best Christmas Gifts by Age

Considering how old your child is, you will want to be sure to pick out the right kind of toy when you make your choice for Christmas gifts for 2008. You don't want to get something too advanced and you definitely don't want to get something too babyish, (if push comes to shove, it is better to buy something more advanced because the child will get older and be able to use it later on).

Here are some of the best suggestions you can have when it comes to choosing the right, age-appropriate Christmas gift for your daughter or son.

1-4 years: Elmo Live is for the youngest children of all, there's no better choice than Fisher Price's Elmo Live. This toy is fun to watch, speaking stories, showing your children how to dance and play games, as well as giggling and sneezing while reacting to being tickled, pinched and so on. Better than watching the doll is watching your child's face as he interacts with the toy, and realizing that he thinks it really is Elmo.

3-6 years: The Fisher Price Smart Cycle - With the current child obesity crisis, inactive lifestyles and just being lazy, it is a blessing to have a fun product to persuade children to exercise. The Smart Cycle integrates the aspects of the video game with the best parts of spinning class to administer an entirely new experience to your child, one he'll never forget, or want to let go of.

4-8 years: Leapfrog Tag Reading System is the "mind" equal to the Smart Cycle's physical; the Tag Reading System will make learning to read so entertaining for your child, that he won't even realize what's happening. Using a simple optical pen, he or she can author their very own story to completion, and explore the landscapes on the book for sounds and secrets.

5 to 8 Years: Fur Real Biscuit: My Lovin' Pup - If you've ever been attached to a doll in your lifetime, get ready for a wake-up call. Biscuit is not only a Christmas gift for your son or daughter, but a new addition to your family. Everybody will participate, treasure and love him as time passes by since he will recognize voices and show his talents when he does doggy tricks.

6 years and over: Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles is the choice toy for kids that are a little older, or adults who are kids at heart. When you wear these goggles, there is nothing concealed in the darkness. Fantasize about looking at everybody but nobody is able to see you while you are looking at them... or they might not actually be aware that you are here at all. Boys love the power of this toy, but it is a gift for all ages.

Armed with this list, a good and age-appropriate choice for a Christmas present, while not all you need to have a happy holiday season, will go a long way towards obtaining it.

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