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Top Christmas Light Colors for this Holiday Season

The family will have a great time during the Christmas season decorating and simply enjoying the time of year. By decorating both the inside and outside of you home you establish a tradition for your family that is shared by many other families in America who spend countless hours and money trying to make their homes look great for the holiday season.

You might want to look at our list of the 5 most popular colors of the season if you are indecisive about what you need to make your home look great for the holiday season. Make your color choices carefully as what you choose will determine the overall look and impact of your decorations.

1.) Red. Christmas time is obviously going to have a lot of red involved. Red Christmas lights can never steer you wrong, however, you probably will want to mix in another color. Your house will look too bright and too tacky with too much red used. Your home will quickly look holiday ready by adding another color, such as green or clear, to your display.

2.) Green. Green Christmas lights, much like red ones, are an integral part of the Christmas color scheme and they will always remain a popular choice for the season. You shouldn't overdo either color; instead you should strive for a balance between the red and green with a complimentary color thrown in. It's true; the pairing of green with red or clear lights will perfect your display for the holidays.

3) White. Clear Christmas lights, most commonly referred to as white lights, are a simple and traditional method to decorate your home elegantly for the season. The pairing of clear lights, which look great on their own, with a light of any color (such as green, red, blue, gold, pink or multi-colored lights) to amplify the look.

4.) Blue. The holiday season is quickly welcoming blue as one of the more popular decorative themes. While red and green typically represent Christmas, blue is still a great color to use to make your home look both seasonal and classy. Put blue lights together with clear or gold lights for a fantastic and elegant look that will impress all those who see it.

5) Gold. Gold gives a look of elegance and class while being a great traditional Christmas color to use in your display. Gold Christmas lights represent these fine traits. If you want a traditional look for your home without going over the top then a good suggestion is gold lights. Gold is best paired with blue, clear or red, especially if you think too much gold can be tacky.

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