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Types of Christmas Trees - Which One is Right for Me

German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania brought the Christmas tree tradition to America. It is thought that Germany started the Christmas tree tradition in 700 A.D. Since it was introduced by settlers the Christmas tree has been available to purchase in the United States. Christmas trees are like any other trees, which come in many different shapes, and sizes. We will explore the most popular varieties of Christmas trees.

Making sure you pick a tree that is the right size for your house is very important. A tree that is too large will take up too much room, making it hard to fit presents under it, and you'll be reaching to a higher point for the star, and other ornaments. Always take the dimensions of your home to the Christmas tree shop and give them to an employee who will help you pick out the correct tree.

The Douglas Fir is the premiere tree that you will find in most Christmas tree stores. The trees are shaped like a perfect triangle and are nice and full. These trees are the ones you will spot in the majority of movies. The tree is a beautiful color and shape with strong branches to put your decorations on. Fraser, Noble and Balsam Firs are also very popular trees.

Other cone shaped Christmas trees include Virginia and Scotch Pines, Norway Spruce, and the Eastern White Pine. They are great for placing ornaments on because of their short dense branches. This variety is the one that has been found in most homes for many years. If you're watering them regularly they should last until Christmas, and a few weeks more. A live tree will need to have the bottom of it's stump cut. This will ensure that the Christmas tree will be able to absorb the water it needs and it will ensure that it will live longer.

There is a downside to all of these great varieties of Christmas trees. They have a short life span and they require you to clean up fallen needles. This is why there are artificial Christmas trees available. You can shape the trees to be perfect, and they last a long time, upwards of 10 years. Christmas tree stores have just as many varieties of artificial trees as real ones. You can make putting up the tree easy by getting one with lights already on it. Then you can forget about cleaning up and searching out the ideal tree every year.

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