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Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts - An Inexpensive Festive Way Using Gel Clings to Create Decorative Christmas Vases

For this project we used green pine tree gel clings, and just like our frosty looking blue snowman and snowflake gel cling vases, can be displayed alone or grouped together in 3s using other glass vases of various heights. Showcase your once ordinary and now beautiful vase or vases on a fireplace mantel, bookcase, and coffee table, or perhaps on a dining room table as a conversation striking centerpiece.

When working with glass vases, always be sure to clean your vase prior to starting your project. Unwanted fingerprints and other blemishes can ruin the results pretty quickly. Begin by adhering the pine tree gel clings to the outside bottom of your glass vase. Be sure to space the gel clings evenly around the vase creating a border. Repeat the same step again to create a second border right above your first layer (for photos see below). Next, begin layering the inside of the vase starting with snow flurries, then a layer of bright white blanket type snow, and finish with small pine cones towards the top of the vase, leaving 2 inches of un-layered space (for photos see below).


  • Tall glass vase (if you do not already have one, thrift stores sell all different sizes and shapes for just pennies)
  • 1 Package of Gel Decorations, AKA Gel Clings Green pine trees. If using a few vases, I would recommend trying different patterns with your gel clings for more visual interest.
  • 1 Package of Blanket Snow, bright white
  • 1 Package of Snow Flurries
  • Small pine cones

Please note that gel decorations are removable and reusable. Also, do not expose to high heat or direct sunlight on hot days, sticker can melt.

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Christmas Crafts FAQ

Question: Christmas crafts?
my family will be having a differnet christmas this year since my mother died this summer suddenly of a horrible cancer. *sniffle
what are some cute crafts we could do as a new tradtion?
what are some cool looking decoration for outside or inside?
what are some of your traditions your family does?
low budget ideas please!

Answer: I have a co-worker who told me about this. Her children did it but I suppose adults could do it too. She made Christmas ornaments with applesause and cinnamon. Of course, you put more cinnamon than applesause. Keep adding cinnamon until it's firm enough to hold shape. You can use cookie cutters to make the shape or just form it yourself. Punch a hole in the top with a straw, add your string to hang it and let it dry for a few days. When it's dry, you can paint it. Sorry about your loss.

Question: What Christmas crafts has your child done in the past?
I'm speaking more specifically about kinders through third graders. I teach 3rd grade and am in the market for a new Christmas/holiday craft to do this year. I don't want to do something that many kids have done in earlier grades, but I don't want to do something too complicated either. What crafts has your child done, and which ones did you like the most?

Answer: I am a kindergarten teacher and I make several crafts for Christmas. We make Rudolphs. They are so cute. You first get a wire hanger then bend it into a rhombus shape and slide a ankle pantyhose over the hanger. Have your kids trace their hands on brown felt then attach to the sides for antlers. Attach googly eyes then a bright red pom pom at the end and it is so cute. We also make puzzle ornaments. I get paper plates and cut out the the circle within the middle then I cut another small circle within the middle of the circle. After that we place puzzle pieces around the circle and paint it red or green. Then I place a ribbon in the back and a picture of each kid in the back. They are a hit with the parents. One more thing we do is make wreaths using paper plates. I cut out the middle of a paper plate and then I cut small one inch by one inch squares from wrapping paper. The kids will then place it over the back of a pencil and glue the end and place it around the paper plate. I make sure to tell my students to cover the entire plate. I then put a bow on the top and their you go beautiful wreaths. Hope that helps.

Question: What are some simple , homemade , christmas crafts ideas? Know of any good websites that have them?
i do crafts with kids at my church on wednesday nights . i'm looking for some really simple christmas crafts to do with them . ages range from 6 years old to 9 years old . need some crafts that i can find the supplies around my house .

Answer: I recently stumbled upon a fun childrens book filled with a lot of crafts, my kids have enjoyed it. And it lets me let down a little bit and have some creative fun with them! I think it may just be what your looking for. There are lots of books online I can send you a link to the one that I ordered.

Question: What are some more "grown up" christmas crafts?
My daughters are a little bit older. One is in middle school and the other in high school. I know a lot of kid christmas crafts, but they want to do something a little harder and visually apealing this year. Any christmas craft is appreciated!

Answer: Something I learned to do as a teenager, that took a lot of concentration but was so worth the end results was 'egg decorating', this is something particularly good for Christmas as they can make some stunning ornaments to hang on the tree, or get a stand for the egg to have as other decorations not associated with the tree at all. They can make lovely gifts, and if they really enjoy doing it they can extend how much work they put into it creating things like jewellery boxes, etc. This type of thing can be as inexpensive or as expensive as the creator wishes. Some things I did with them (using various types/sized eggs) was to cut into the egg and remove a portion, then create a Christmas scene in the hollow egg, glitter around the cut 'hole' used to view the scene and then in a nice pattern around the rest of the egg gave it a really nice sparkle. For my mother's gift one year after I'd been doing this for some time I used an ostrich egg to create a jewellery box, lined it with silk, added the bits of hardware turned out so much better than I'd dare to hope.

Question: Pleasee, I need some ideas for christmas crafts?
My dad's birthday is on the 25th of decembre, and I could use some easy christmas crafts that I could make with what I find in the house....

Answer: Try origami (the japanese craft)...don't forget to put it at your cristmas tree...good luck...bye

Question: What are cute christmas crafts I can make and give to my friends?
I'm in Bangkok, Thailand, on student Exchange and I want to make christmas crafts for my friends in school. Since they don't really celebrate christmas, it'd be like exchanging cultures. What's a cute little craft I can make them? (there are 49 students) example: a little santa or a card or something.

Answer: What a great idea!! I found a few websites. There's lots of great ideas in the last website!

Question: What are some fun decorations and crafts I could for christmas?
Okay I'm very bored whats a fun christmas craft. Also what are some cute homemade decorations I could do for my room? Ideas please!

Answer: Here are some Christmas Craft Ideas -

Christmas Crafts -
Crafts - (under Crafts)

Most are very simple and inexpensive to make (some use household items)

I need a website that I can use for my kids with Christmas crafts!?
I would appreciate it if you could give me REALLY cool websites I could use for my kids. I want them to have really neat crafts for Christmas! And I want them to be cheap crafts!

Answer: has a lot of great ideas!

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