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Craft Project Ideas Using Recycled Goods

If you've been spring cleaning and have a pile of old clothes and Christmas ornaments that you really don't want to throw out, then why not turn them into a craft project that you can use around the house? Instead of spending your hard earned money on household items like laundry bags, quilts or even bookmarks, you can make them yourself simply and inexpensively. In this article, we'll walk you through the craft of recycling your used goods!

Simple bookmarks can now cost as much as $10 at a bookstore! You can make them yourself by recycling greeting cards you have received. All you need is old cards, some poster board or cardboard, some felt tip markers, and glue. Cut a strip from the poster board or thin cardboard about 8" x 2". Cut strips from the greeting card with the same dimensions and glue them to the cardboard on both sides.

If the bookmark is a gift, you can write a message on it. To make the bookmark more durable, cover it with clear contact paper or laminate it. For added decoration, use a hole puncher to make a hole at the top of the bookmark and thread a piece of bright yarn or ribbon through it. You can use the same process to make beautiful gift tags. Just make the strips shorter!

Your old artificial Christmas tree can be turned into fantastic, special projects that will add beauty to your home. We usually associate wreaths with the holidays but by adding some beautiful dried flowers and colorful ribbon, you can recycle your old tree into a decorative piece of art that you can display in your home all year. Using tin snips, remove the branches from the center pole. Take a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circular shape but leave the hook intact.

The branches will wrap around the coat hanger easily and you can make it as thick as you want. To cover the wire hook, just wrap it with cloth ribbon and tuck the end into the boughs or tie them in a neat bow. Once you have secured the branches, you can decorate it any way you wish. You can use hot glue to attach tiny stuffed animals to the boughs for a fun wreath for a child's room. Or, you can weave silk flowers or artificial berries through the branches for a beautiful hanging in your kitchen or bathroom.

Got some old clothes kicking around that are too worn to donate to clothing drives? You can turn them into projects for the kids. Buy some pillow stuffing or use old rags and stuff a t-shirt with the material. Cut off the sleeves and simply sew up all the openings. This is especially good with old shirts with team logos on it. For a craft project with emotional significance, sew old baby clothes together into a baby quilt, couch covering or a throw. Your heart will melt every time you see it. As a bonus, you can use buttons from the clothes to decorate framed art, picture frames or mirrors.

Being environmentally friendly can be fun as well as responsible. The next time you're cleaning up the basement or garage, study items before you throw them out and imagine the new projects you could start. Can that old towel be made into rags for your car? Perhaps an old lamp shade can be transformed into a plant holder. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a craft project to keep you busy. In fact, everything you need is probably right around the house.

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Craft Projects FAQ

Question: Craft projects?
i am trying to find the best website for craft projects made from construction paper, i have been looking things up for about 2 hours now and i cant seem to find anything that looks like fun, i am trying to decorate my 10 month old sons room, and i ran out of ideas, anybody know anywhere i can find something, i have googled and yahoo'd this, maybe im not typing in specific words, let me know. thank you all.

Answer: may have some interesting stuff.

Question: What kind of wood do you make craft projects with?
I would like to know the type of wood craft suppliers use for their unfinished bird houses and other such projects. It is very light in color and in weight. Thanks.

Answer: Balsa is simply TOO light-weight... it isn't strong enough !!

Looking at the pics in a number of websites, I'm guessing bass-wood or kiln dried pine or cottonwood

Question: What's a good way to keep a straight line when painting craft projects?
I want to have perfectly straight lines when I'm painting gingham or plaids on my craft projects, ive tried tape and it seems to bleed through and leaves a mess, any ideas would be appreciated!

Answer: Practice until you can do it by hand then set a ruler next to what you're doing for reference. If you were painting you could simply seal the tape with a coat of the ground color but learning to do it by hand is a better long term solution regardless.

I watched a friend of mine paint an absolutely straight 60 inch line across a canvas one night without even giving it a second thought {no ruler}... It blew me away but... he sort of inspired me to work at it and I discovered that it really isn't that hard. You might want to rest a finger or two on the ruler as a guide.

Question: Websites or books that have instructions for various craft projects?
Free websites would be great or the names of any books that have a variety of craft projects would be great! Thanks!

Answer: One site is Things to Make and Do at It has a good variety of crafts. If you want to learn more about quilting go to:

Question: How to make craft projects using home remedies?
Well I love craft project but sometimes i don't the necessary materials so i cant go to the store cause its kind far my mom cant drive(shes always at work including also my dad)so only home remedies would be nice no lame ones~

Answer: first check out what scrap/waste/leftover stuff you have that can be used. once you have a kind of inventory, it'll help you generate ideas on your own.
there are plenty of things you can create :
from scrap fabric pieces, make scrunchies, adorn your flip-flops, braid some long strips of fabric & make a mat...
from loose strings or wool you can weave a bracelet, or glue them in attractive or random designs to make greeting cards or a nice wall hanging. you can even add beads/ sequins/feathers/ buttons/ pebbles .... to highlight some bare areas.
make a paste of rice flour, all-purpose flour & water. mix colors as required. use this paste to paint on cards, on floor, etc. When it dries, it will give a crackling effect.
glue pulses & other food grains & whole spices on card paper to make beautiful designs with the variety of colors & textures they provide.
make customized dust covers for your books.
decorate your lamp-shade, flower vases/pots...
make beads by rolling strips of colored paper & threading them. you can make them in different shapes & sizes. use them to create fun jewelry. you can also use any old/used paper & then paint over the beads later.
create papier mache items from old newspaper & PVA glue. you can check out for some real fun & easy projects using stuff lying around the house.

Question: Where to buy unframed mirrors for craft projects?
I'm looking for small, unframed mirrors to use for some crafting projects. Ideally I would like square or round, between 8-12 inches across. Where could I find these? I live in SC.

Answer: wal mart sells them in boxes of i think 10. at my walmart they are with the full length mirrors. but now im curious, what r u doing with them? email me plz., always looking for craft ideas myself. thanks.

Question: I am bored, do u know any good easy craft projects to do?
its the holidays and im sooo bored. do u have any gud craft projects that require less skill and still looks good?

Answer: Cross-stitching is just what you're looking for! If you haven't tried it before, you might try to get some pre-stamped items to start with, but as your skills improve, then you can move on to more challenging items that must be counted.

Question: Have you done any craft projects using old clothing?
My girlfriend has done craft projects like she has on her blog here and I've been thrift store shopping for materials myself. I've never tried sewing anything in my life and thought it would be fun. Have you done anything similar or done any craft projects at all using old clothes?

Answer: I have seen seat covers made from silk ties.
Pillows from sport coats and sweaters.
Totes from t shirts
Purses and skirts from old jeans
Rugs from strips of cotton, then braided
Place mats from jeans - back pocket used for silverware holder and bandana napkin - cute for picnic basket
Lining baskets - for desks, book shelves
Remakes of retro costumes, for plays, musicals, parades, school projects
Seat covers for your car - bucket seats - out of sport logo t shirts.

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