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Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts - The Ultimate Craft Ideas

Paper crafts have been very popular for some time now. Most children start out doing paper crafts in school. The teachers usually start the child out with very simple paper crafting projects. This usually involves giving the child several color options and also several shapes of construction paper to work with. Most teachers usually give the child several ideas to start with, but each child is encouraged to show their creativity on their crafting project.

This type of arts and crafts can also be very stimulating for adults. Some, use the paper crafting material for decorations, by placing them in a gift basket or using them as gift wrap. While others use them for an American favorite pastime called scrap booking.

Creating a scrapbook can be very fun if you let your imagination run wild! This form of paper crafting is very easy to do because you don't have to stick to a particular pattern. The main idea behind keeping a scrapbook is to keep a journal of your life or things that you like and present them in the arts and crafts form. The other idea is to display your feelings, thoughts, and emotions without writing a single word of text, but only using paper and images on paper.

Paper crafts are also easily changed to fit any holiday theme. for example for holidays like St. Valentine's Day, one may be encouraged to create Valentine's to pass around to friends or family members. On St. Patrick's Day one may be encouraged to create paper crafts that are the color green. So, for the next holiday no matter what it may be, wouldn't it be great to use paper crafts as your next crafting idea?

Last but not least there is origami. The idea behind this craft is to take paper and put it in the shape of animals. This is a very beautiful art that can be traced back many centuries. The origami can be made in various shapes, sizes, and colors. All these attributes can be changed by simply changing the type of paper used. Paper crafts are only limited by your imagination, which makes them one of the best craft ideas.

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Paper Crafts FAQ

Question: Paper crafts!?
Does anybody now any paper crafts for kids. If so Please tell me the instructions and if you got it off a website tell me the website!!!!

Answer: Something a bit like this?
Hope this helps :)

Question: Best way to cut curves with paper crafts?
I just started building paper-craft projects, and I can't seem to cut curves smoothly. I use xacto knives on a piece of thick plastic to cut. Is there a better way to cut curves so they look smoother?

Answer: i found short bladed scissors but they must be sharp they take the curve easier it works for me on material as well as scrapebooking

Question: Does anyone know any paper crafts for kids in the summer?
This is for 10-12 year olds. They want to play with paper, but they do not want a really hard thing to do, such as origami. And remember, this is for the summer.

Answer: Here are some paper ideas... ( and more than just paper )

Question: What basic supplies do I need if I plan to start creating some paper crafts?
Not necessarily scrapbooking, but cards, calendars, keepsakes, etc. Some good websites that might help me get started would be appreciated also!

Answer: Funky pattern scissors, a good quality paper glue (that wont ruin the paper, preferably acid-free), 3-D stickers, specialty hole punches, lots of cardstock, scrapbook paper (even for cardmaking), sticker letters (or punch-out cardstock lettering), gel pens, paint pens...I could go on forever! :) If you have any other questions ask me! :) I recommend these two websites! :)

Question: What is the best glue to use in working with paper crafts?

Answer: Rubber cement doesn't eat away at the paper. You can also get glue dots at a craft store (double sided tape stickers). The glue dots are quick and easy to use, and you can get different thickness for different papers.

Question: How to sell paper crafts online?

I'm a 13-year old girl and I make origami pretty well. I want to sell origami cranes, dogs, frogs, tables, chairs, cubes, etc. ONLINE and raise money for a fundraiser at my school.

Can you please tell me how I can get people to buy at my online store once it's up? And where to get a free one?

Answer: Here is a link for Etsy for you.

Question: Anyone here do / interested in paper crafts?
I like paper cutting,it's called "jian zhi" in chinese and it is popular in china. Would like to try some other paper crafts from all around the world.and would like to share my arts too.

Answer: I'm a lover of all kinds of paper crafts. Germany has a paper cutting craft called schirrenschritte (I hope I spelled that correctly) which involves some very complicated cutting of paper to achieve extraordinary designs. There is another craft that involves cutting, rolling and curling to create shapes such as flowers, dragons and other objects that is really fun, too. You can share your crafts on Crafters Across America on HGTV they are always looking for crafters who do unusual crafts they haven't presented before in the cities they are visiting and in which they are filming.

Question: How do you make "wheat paste" for paper-mache crafts?

Answer: You can buy 'wheat paste' in powder form at
any home improvement store. Just follow
package directions.

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