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Rainy Day Crafts for Kids

Bad weather days can keep your kids indoors, but television isn't the only answer to inactivity. Simple and fun craft projects that can be done with items you probably have around the house can easily become a fun family activity!

Edible Jewelry. This is a very creative and fun way to play with your food! You will need shoe string licorice (not the rope style, as the licorice will be the string) and goodies that have some sort of hole in them. Example would be: Cheerios, pretzels, gummy lifesavers, mini donuts and dried apple rings. String the items along the licorice 'thread' and tie the two ends together. You can make necklaces and bracelets!

Edible play dough. If you have young ones who tend to eat their play dough - this is a nice alternative. Mix together one half cup of honey, one half cup of smooth peanut butter and one cup of dried milk powder. Mix until you have the dough consistency you like, adding more powdered milk if it feels sticky. If you like, you can work in a few drops of food coloring at this stage. Then let the kids play with and eat it! This is meant for a single use, don't store this longer than one day.

Sponge stamps. For this, all you need is any type of sponges you can find. The more different the textures of sponges, the more fun the designs are. Just cut the sponges into different shapes with scissors. The kids can dip the sponge pieces into paint and create their own works of art. For more creativity, try gluing the sponge pieces onto a 3 inch paint roller.

Maracas. For home made maracas, all you need are paper plates, dried beans and tape. Give each child two paper plates. Have them color and decorate the bottom of the plates any way they wish. Fill one plate with about ¼ cup of dried beans, place the other plate on top, face down and tape together - making sure you seal all the way around. The hollow area creates the space for the beans to shake around and make noise!

Homemade clay. There are lots of recipes out there for homemade clay, this one is very easy, if a little messy! You will need, flour, 12 day old slices white bread (with the crusts removed), ¾ cup of white glue, food coloring. Tear the bread into chunks and put in bowl, add the glue and mix really well with your hand until it becomes a unified mass. Turn out onto a floured board and need until the clay is no longer sticky. You may need to add tiny bits of flour as you go. To color the clay, pull off a chunk and add a drop or two of food coloring. Knead well to incorporate the color. Let the kids form whatever designs they like, then air dry the pieces. It will take a day or two depending on how big the pieces are. Paint the dried clay designs if you like. Clean up with soap and water.

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Crafts Kids FAQ

Question: Where can I find fun crafts for kids?
I am a youth pastor and I am trying to find fun crafts for kids ages K-5. As they get older crafts are a lot less fun and most of the craft books I find only have crafts that would entertain the younger ones. So does anyone know where I can find fun crafts for older and younger kids?

Answer: This willl certainly keep even the oldest of kids entertained.

Also - coloring books are very good, painting, making stuff out of clay and even decorating an old t shirt with markers (not the washable kind, though).

Question: What are some good websites to find easy holiday crafts for kids?
I work in a daycare and we are looking for easy holiday crafts for kids too do. If anyone has any ideas or websites, please let me know, it will be greatly appreiciated. I do ask that you do not give me crafts that have to do with paint cause we can't use it for safety reasons. Anything easy for halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas. Thanks.

Answer: I love

There are lots of different crafts for kids of all age levels on this website. It's awesome! Good luck!

Question: What are some crafts small kids can do with feathers?
We are working on some crafts for our county fair for my kids to enter. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for feathers. Kids range from 5 to 10.

Answer: I have seen some cute turkey stamps with feathers glued on for the tail. I actually want to try this myself. A bag of feathers is a reasonable purchase price at your local craft store.

Question: What are good crafts for preschooler kids?
I babysit two kids, ages 3 and 5. They like crafts but I'm running out of ideas!! I have made tambourines and music shakers, printed off colouring pages, traced & coloured leaves with crayons, let them illustrate small stories, ironed leaves in wax paper (I did the ironing; don't worry), finger painted and cut out potato stamps to use with paint. What are good crafts to do with them? Halloween crafts would be great but any craft will do. Thanks!

Answer: Bats. Paint toilet paper rolls black and glue wings on them and make a scary face. You can hang them with string.

Spiders. Paper machet small balloons. Use laundry starch and strips of news paper. After they dry you can paint them black and stick pipe cleaners in them for legs.

Ghost. Dip cheese cloth into laundry starch and gently ring out the extra. Drape it over a 2 liter soda bottle and let dry. Paint or glue felt for a face. Hang with string.

Question: What are some fun kids crafts. I have to help plan the kids crafts table for my company party.?
There will be about 75 kids. Any good, somewhat simple ideas that will keep them busy? Also, I would like to have something that they could take home.

Answer: i think a good kids craft would be...
1st...break them into groups of about 20
then give each group items like a milk carton, ballon, marker...
tell them to make a boat out of the equipment and see which boat can hold the most amount of eggs

Question: Can you give me a name for a kids Christmas crafts party?
I need a catchy name to interest kids, ages 3 to 10, in coming to a Christmas crafts party at the library. They will make a quick holiday craft to take home.

Answer: How about Santa's Workshop?

Question: Looking for Valentines Crafts for Older Kids?
Any ideas for Valentines Day crafts for the older kid crowd (like grade 6-8)? Last year we did Hershey kiss roses, which they LOVED!
When I do online searches though, many of the crafts seem a bit too "babyish" for these older kids, so any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer: Puzzle Heart Valentine's Day Craft

Scented Valentine Sachets

Sweetheart Necklaces

Question: What are some 1 hour kids crafts ideas?
that can range for different ages? I looked online already, but they want me to teach some unique crafts for children, the trick is to be done within an hour.

Answer: you can make clay with flour sugar water and salt ,then make something .ps veg. oil also .

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