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The Craft Store VS the Internet Site

The world is getting more high tech every day. Products are mass produced. Items that used to have individual character are devolving into commodities. Everything is getting slicker and slicker. What's happening to individuality? Individuality has not disappeared. The human drive for individuality is being fostered by the growth of interest in handmade crafts. More and more people are taking up the making of handcrafts as a way of expressing their artistic individuality. But these handcrafts can't be just the same old things that your grandmother made. No antimacassars here. New types of crafts are being dreamed up every day. For example, have you ever heard of a purse dangle? No? It's the same as a handbag pendant. Jewelry for your purse. Isn't that a fun concept?

But there's not really a Great Divide between the world of high technology and the world of handmade crafts. As it turns out, it is the world of high technology that is allowing handmade crafts to flourish. The best and easiest way to sell handmade crafts is to sell them directly on the Internet. Sure, there are stores out there that sell craft items, but the buyers have to know where they are and have to travel there. And for the seller, the process from making the item to putting the item in the buyer's shopping bag can be complicated. The artist may have to meet with the store owner-on the store owner's schedule. The store owner surely will want to examine the item and either accept it for sale or reject it. Then there are the terms of the sale. A store owner has overhead to pay. That means that she will take a large portion of the artist's profits. There can be many other complications in the contract, such as payments for promotional activities.

Selling on the Internet is much easier. The buyer can just sit at home and browse the sites. And even finding the sites is easy. Just Google the item that you are looking for, and the site where it is located will come up. The most widely known site, eBay, allows anyone to sell just about anything to any buyer. Its fame makes it a go-to place for these buyers. The artist doesn't have to make herself known to the world because the world knows eBay. Other sites are more specifically craft oriented. For example, Etsy is a site that is becoming more and more well known as a place to find just handmade crafts and vintage items. On Etsy, the artist has full control of a mini-site. She can create an identity consisting of a profile, a photograph, and a logo. The selling process is also inexpensive. The cost is only twenty cents per item for three months, and Etsy's commission is only 3.5 per cent. The artist can upload multiple photographs of each item.

People are eager to purchase handmade objects because unique possessions allow them to express their individuality in a truly modern way.

Chuck Stewart just bought a purse dangle for his wife. He finds that it is a handmade craft that she loves.

Craft Store FAQ

Question: Craft store?
I'm going to go to NYC next month.

Can you give me the name of some good craft stores in the city

I like bobbin lace, cross-stitch, crochet, sewing and knitting

Answer: There are very few craft shops left in Manhattan because of the extremely high cost of real estate. Annie & Co. is located at 1325 Madison Ave (between 93rd and 94th streets). The shop specializes in needlepoint but they have a very good selection of fibers. But beware! You'll pay for them! If you're willing to venture across the Hudson into NJ, there's a very good cross stitch shop in Clifton (about 15 miles from NYC and reachable by bus), Where Victoria's Angels Stitch ( You can buy knitting yarns there too.

Question: How do I go about opening a sewing and craft store?
I live in an urban area. The nearest fabric and craft stores are 64 to 154 miles away. I would like to start a sewing & craft store out of my garage in hopes of expansion into a small community 20 miles from me. But I want to start at home to see if this will prosper.

Answer: Make sure you have enough of a target market to warrant the expense you are about to assume. If you are looking into holding inventory, you will probably need a bank loan for inventory and those payments will be due whether you sell or not. You will have to attract the buyers to you and that means a pretty high advertising budget. Unless you are prepared to work the "store" all of the time you will need to hire at least one assistant because you can only wait on one person at a time. Check with local zoning ordinances because your neighbors may not be alright with semis of inventory driving down your street, especially if its an urban community. I am not being negative here but trying to point out things to think about. Make sure you have all the right business licenses for what you intend to do. Check with your insurance company about a rider for business from home. Check with your accountant and attorney because you don't need tax or legal problems. With that said, the best source of information for you is FREE. Check with COSE (council of small enterprises) and SBA (small business administration) that provides assistance in preparing business plans with you, not FOR you and can give you some incredible resources to make sure you know what you are getting into. It's going to take time to recoup your start up capital so don't expect to be an overnight success. My motto is: "don't wait for your ship to come in ... swim out to meet it," which simply means don't let you dream die. If you are serious about doing it, make the calls and get going... TODAY!!!

Question: How do I make my house smell like a craft store?
Maybe I'm the only one who compares this common smell, but when I visit other people's houses, I notice it smells very familiar to the craft store Michaels and Pier 1. I realize that spicy candles will do this, but is it air freshener that they're using? Or is it their stuff?

Answer: get yourself a wax tart warmer. you can get electric of tea light heated ones at any craft store. wax tarts can be bought there also. works much better than any candle or spray.

Question: Could a craft store use scheduling software?
My friends and I are developing some scheduling software.
Basically, a customer could go online and schedule to take a craft class at the store.
Would this work for a craft store? Why or why not?

Answer: i would think this would work well. most craft stores do charge for classes, how would that be handled? you might want to contact the fabric stores also.

Question: Does anyone know where I can find a craft store that has porcelain?
I'm looking for a craft store where I can buy a porcelain doll on a swing. I want it for a "centro de mesa" or a centerpiece for a quinceaƱera. It should be not too big nor not too small.
I'm looking more towards the Downtown Los Angeles, Bellflower, Lakewood, Lynwood, Compton, Long Beach, Huntington Park, and Carson areas.

Answer: try Ciciliot

Question: Does anybody know where I can find a craft store?
Does anybody know if there's a craft store in Bend or La Pine?

Answer: Not sure where your located but i buy all of my crafts supplies from Discount School Supply. Don't let the name fool you! They have tons of crafts and the best prices on the net with FAST free shipping with orders over 79 dollars. Check them out.

Question: Plastic craft store plants instead of aquarium plastic safe for tank?
I would like to know if I can use craft store plastic only (no metal wires or other material on/in them) is ok for a tank. The ones at the pet store are limited and expensive, small too. I have some beautiful all plastic plants that I'd like to use in my tank but would like to know the details of if it would harm the tank. I'm sure there 'might' be a different plastic chemical makeup for them than aquarium ones, but could I? I have a large tank (150 gal bow front). I have silk plants I've used for years by light bleach washing to rejuventate them (process does not remove color!!!) and a mix of live, but I need some tall fillers. Anyone tried this before? Serious answers by serious fish gurus requested.

Just a reminder, these do not have glue, nor do they have fabric or painted markings for decorative purpose. They will be bleach solution washed and well rinsed and soaked in declorination solution prior to use.

Answer: I personally would not use anything not labeled for aquarium use. You never know what kind of dyes, glues or chemicles are used in their making.

Question: Is craft store felt safe to make cat toys with?
I have been growing catnip for some time now, and I want to make some cat toys with it. I've stitched some shapes out of plain ol' craft store felt - but will it hurt my cats if they chew on or ingest the felt? I've done a search and seen a lot of cat toys made from "felted wool" but I'm pretty sure that's not the same thing.

Answer: Absolutely it's safe and it sounds like a great idea. In fact, it's likely a better quality than much of the stuff out there for sale already.

Don't get me wrong it's not safe for the cats to be eating the stuff. But it's not poisonous either. They can lick it and chew on it. It's basically the same stuff the toys are made out of when you buy them.

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