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Free Scrapbooking Ideas

Perhaps you have heard of simple scrapbooking; maybe you even have an idea as to what it is. But exactly what is simple scrapbooking and how did it derive its name?

Simple scrapbooks do not have to follow chronological events and are not restricted to the usual family occasions, dreams, and events. A simple scrapbook is an innovative alternative to traditional albums and is far more manageable. It highlights the details that often get marginalized by more significant events. A scrapbook is capable of storing more than just single memories, it can also store the surrounding circumstances and the things that happened before and after the memory.

Five words help define a simple scrapbook: Fast, Finished, Format, Freedom and Framework.

Freedom: The creator of the scrapbook is at liberty to design the book any way they like. Scrapbooking gives you the freedom to explore unusual concepts, try out new design ideas, focus on parts of life that don't usually appear in photograph albums, and create something that truly reflects you.

Format: This explains the differences between this scrapbook and all other scrapbooks. Every scrapbook follows some sort of a format. In other words, a simple scrapbook is the same size and includes the same contents as a normal scrapbook, but it has a different approach that makes it unique.

There is a color scheme and an overall theme for the scrapbook. The way you use design elements and your color scheme can turn a scrapbook into a work of art. How you arrange all of the elements will have huge influence on the appearance of your scrapbook as a whole.

Framework: The unique structure of the simple scrapbook is what sets it apart. It is defined as several pages, with a contents page and title page, and introduction and dedication page, filler pages, chapter/section pages, an epilogue and the material file, which shows an overview of the structure and design of the scrapbook. The way you start your scrapbook will often influence how the other elements flow. Simply put, the scrapbook's infrastructure is the basis (and blueprint) for the whole album.

Another feature is that a simple scrapbook is far more likely to be completed once it has been started; this is in contrast to the chronological scrapbook which is often abandoned before completion. Enthusiasm will wane as problems crop up, such as lack of space, until the album is finally put aside, never to be worked on again. But with a simple scrapbook, you can be sure that once started, it will be completed. The motivation behind this is that you will be working on a specific framework, which is designed to be completed. Working within the framework will give you a guide as to how many pages you need and what to do with them. After you fulfill this, your album will be almost completed.

It takes a long time to create a chronological scrapbook and it may never be completed. A simple scrapbook is a different story. It does not take as long and can be finished shortly after it is started. This is a direct result of sticking to the framework guidelines. Actually, once you have completed the framework, you are ninety percent finished with the album.

There are three things that you should do when you have decided to create a simple scrapbook.

First, you should figure out the reason for your scrapbook.

Ask yourself, "Why am I doing this and what moods will this album contain?" Then you will be ready to create the format for this scrapbook. You should decide the size and theme for your scrapbook. Organize your ideas, write them down, and finally design the framework.

Last, gather together all of the materials that you will need for the project.

Once you have done these things, it will be a simple matter to create your simple scrapbook and realize your dreams.

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