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Scrapbook Kits

Scrapbook Kits Make Great Scrapbook Albums

Scrapbook kits provide enough supplies for the first pages of your scrapbook while also helping you to save money. Everything you need to complete your scrapbook is usually included in the scrapbook kits. Scrapbook kits come in many themes, color, holiday, seasons, etc. Everything you need is usually included in the kit except for the scrapbook itself.

So what are you likely to find in your scrapbook kit? Patterned and solid color papers should be included. There should be some decorations and stickers. The kits will sometimes have both diecuts and cut-outs, while some others will only have one of the two. I only purchase kits that, besides containing patterned and solid papers, also have cardstock. I use cardstock in order to mount pictures, make borders and decorate.

Most kits are set up so that everything in that particular kit will be color coordinated to match everything in the kit. As an example, a kit for the fourth of July will feature red, white and blue paper. Red, white, and blue color ribbon would be included if the ribbon were to come with the kit. Everything that the kit contains matches each other. Quite a few kits contain enough paper to make 6-10 pages.

We try to use something from all of our different kits when making a scrapbook. As you get more involved in scrapbooking, you can sometimes complete a whole new scrapbook from supplies that you have already purchased. For your first scrapbooking project, you may want to buy two kits that you can mix and match.

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