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Scrapbook Layouts

Scrapbook Layouts

Scrapbooks are more than just convenient places to store your photos; many people trust scrapbooks as an easily accessible way to keep and share their memories of past experiences. Because of this, scrapbook layouts need to be more than just a straightforward arrangement on photos on a page. The layout has to immerse the viewer into the memory world of the scrapbook maker.

Evocative layouts that really stand out are now easier than ever to attain, with the help of digital scrapbook technology, computer graphics, and free downloads. One key insight, however, is to know the value of a good, solid, and simple layout idea.

You'll first need to figure out how many photos will fit per page and how they will be aligned on the page. That means you must begin by deciding about page borders. Use creative border lines to add flare to the entire piece. The layout can be improved by using stickers or you can use various colored pencils to shade the border.

Use only products that are color stable and will resist tanning. Stay away from substances that contain acid components since these often degrade photo color. Anything mounted on or adhered to your photo, such as an additional graphic, should also be of scrapbook-grade material. To maximize later recall of details, include information about when and where you took the picture, and what is pictured. You can caption your photos using jokes, proverbs, quotations, or clever sayings. Above all, keep in mind that imagination and originality are the central elements. Have fun!

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