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Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbook Paper - Paper Scrapbooking - Simplest Way Of Scrapbooking

The usual kinds of paper employed for scrap booking are paper with designs on it, cardboard, mulberry paper, and parchment. You can find patterned paper in single and double-sided varieties.

Sometimes, the paper you buy in larger packs is extremely thin. Additional types of paper, like cardstock are more dense and lasts longer. In earlier years, scrapbook paper was simple, but now you can easily find paper that is embossed, decorated with glitter, or designed with metallic details. Different types of textures are also available in cardstock.

Some scrapbook designers are unconcerned with who manufactures the supplies that they use, but others prefer to stick with one specific manufacturer when trying to coordinate all of the elements in a layout. Making Memories makes scrapbooking accessories that coordinate with their papers.

If you have been scrapbooking for awhile, you will be aware that it is quite an ordeal to find a convenient storing system. But creating an effective way of storing your paper will help keep it in pristine condition and let you focus on the creative aspects.

It is best to use either all horizontal or all vertical storage systems for your scrapbook paper storage. Storing the paper horizontally makes it easier to work with while the vertical storage takes up less room.

Paper can be divided by the color, motif, design, brand, or a mixture of these standards. When designing a system to store your paper, ask yourself how you usually approach your supplies as you begin your layouts. Do you prefer coloring that coordinates with your pictures or do you select it by the company that makes it? Do you like holiday themes or do you have your own preference?

Paper used for scrapbooking is so bright and colorful, it is a shame to waste any of it. Your scraps do not have to be wasted though, there are many scrapbooking needs that can be made from them. You can also use a die-cutter to turn your scraps into shapes and letters for future use. Making your own paper is quite easy and is a wonderful way to put your personal touch on any scrapbook creation.

Another use for those leftover supplies would be to create your own personalized greeting cards from them.

Vellum is a special type of paper that you can see through. You often see it on marriage announcements, greeting cards, and invitations to showers. Vellum has recently become popular with scrapbooking enthusiasts. Companies that manufacture scrapbook supplies offer a variety of vellum products that you can use when designing a scrapbook.

Memories included in your pages can help to make the theme of your scrapbook very effective. You can also use some of your memorabilia as a low-cost type of paper for your scrapbooks. When designing your next layout, you might want to consider including gift wrap, clippings from newspapers, maps, old theater playbills and concert programs, calendar pages, and magazine photos.

While searching for non-traditional sources of scrapbook paper to make your layout unique, keep in mind that not all paper is acid-free. Memories included in your pages can help to make the theme of your scrapbook very effective.

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