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September 18
03:15 PM
DC Crochet Lessons
Fall in Love with Crochet

Promotion (mention Get Crafty in your e-mail!)
First lesson: *free!*
Next lesson(s): $15 (1 hour)
Crochet Kit(1 skein yarn+hook): $7

All levels and children 6 and up welcome!

To schedule lessons:
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September 18
10:17 AM
Just Joined
Hi Everyone!
My name is Orna Willis and I have a fiber arts business where I specialize in needlepoint, as well as jewelry and soon children's clothing. I'm in the midst of updating my website, and I also have a blog I'm really excited to be part ...
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September 11
08:10 PM
DIY Clear Stamp Binder
DIY clear stamp binder

Before I left my job for grad school, my coworker gave me her old Day Timer planner thinking I would find it useful for keeping myself organized for school and work. It was too bulky to work for me, but I held on ...
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September 11
12:27 AM
Vintage Cards by Cari Lopez
Hi Ladies!
Fresh and good news:

Printables cards, freebies, and scrapbook ads, exclusive and fine design.All 300 dpi.

thank you for see

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September 05
10:29 PM
Today I went to Ike's Emporium and bought mini canvas and felt tips...what do people usually draw on mini canvas???
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September 05
03:00 PM
Jabon natural y algo mas
Este es el blog de Campo di fiore, una empresa de jabones naturales y otros productos de cosmética natural situada en España.
Incluimos recetas para preparar tus propios jabones, trucos y noticias interesantes.
This is the Campo di fiore's blog, a company of natural soaps and ...
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Renee Atkinson
September 04
02:07 PM
I my name is Renee and I really need some advice, I want to make a comforter but I want to do with it photos of the family transferred onto the material, can anyone tell me how this is done?
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September 04
11:41 AM
NEW network!
I just started a social network, please join MauMau and Friends. I will be posting FREE desktop, news, products. Feel free to join the discussion, share ideas, and promo your shop!
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August 31
12:48 PM
Jo Mama and Book Reading
It has been way too long since I wrote my last Jo Mama column for Get Crafty ( Between being a stay-at-home mom and working on my two novels, I've let some things slide, unfortunately.

Anyway, thanks to those people who emailed to find out where "Jo ...
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August 27
12:13 PM
Getcrafy Ravelry Group
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