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July 26
10:19 PM
PROJECT: Faux Tattoo Sunglasses
Faux Tattoo Sunglasses
By Kathy Cano-Murillo Special for the Republic
I love Ed Hardy sunglasses. But I canít afford Ed Hardy sunglasses. Iím not one to give up so easy. With a little tinkering in my art studio, I ...
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July 24
05:37 PM
First Time Blog
Ok...This is my first time I have ever created a blog. I guess by nature I am creative but until recently I have never put my creativity to use. This past year I have started an organizing buisness from my house because by nature I am very organized. So I ...
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Christy Petterson
July 23
01:58 PM
Summer 'o8
This is a cross-post from my blog ... it isn't explicitly about crafts but more my attempt at crafting a lovely summer. I would love to hear what you're doing to embrace summer this year!

Unlike many other summers in my adulthood, I have made ...
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July 21
02:57 PM
Oh the places we go
I haven't been very crafty this month... The job I was working at fell through and I've spent all my time at the beach. The beach however, has given me some wonderful ideas on what I would like to do next.... Since this is the season of the attack of ...
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July 20
08:39 AM
And the needle felting goes on...

These caused a little fuzz
at the fair. What do you think of her? :)
I used to felt hair myself too, but on this one
I used wool sliver. It helps to give
her hair more ...
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July 19
06:42 PM
CHA 2008
Has anyone here ever been to the CHA convention? I've always wanted to go, but have never made it. It's going on right now, and I just can't wait to see all the new products. Wish I was there......oh well maybe next year.
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July 18
02:56 PM
M.I.A. Updates
I've been doing way more yard work than I ever have, mostly because I have a House and a Yard now. I've been experimenting with things I haven't tried before: growing tomatoes from seed, growing amaranth, making a raised bed.

I had heard ...
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Christy Petterson
July 05
07:36 PM
oh flickr!
as though i didn't spend enough time on flickr already, i just discovered that the "edit" button takes you to a website called picnik, where you can do all sorts of awesome stuff with your photos. i think it will be a great tool for creating promo items (and of ...
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July 04
05:16 PM
Needle felted animals
I love making cows :D
It is just my second one but I love needle felting!

Felt cow

Felted Cow II

Felted Cow III

I also did a little frog the other day,
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July 02
11:12 PM
Experiments in asymmetry
Lately I've been having fun experimenting with asymmetrical design in my jewelry-making.

my heart takes flight

The charms and findings in the necklace above are repurposed vintage components, as are the rhinestone pieces and darker green beads in the necklace below.

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