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June 10
08:54 AM
Fingerprint Father\'s Day Cards
Fathers Day Cards your children can help you make, using their own fingerprints!

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June 03
01:06 PM
Father's Day Tie Card Pattern

Father's Day Tie Card Pattern

Here is yet another tie Dad may get for Fatherís Day. Except this one is safe to give as he wonít actually have to wear it. This pattern is fun to stitch and super easy to make.
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May 30
10:44 AM
Oriel Socks
I'm working on some socks from Sensational Knitted Socks:

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May 29
04:59 PM
a gentle reminder from your friendly neighborhood moderators....
Remember Jean's nifty Community Guidelines? I just wanted to remind the bloggers of an important part of it: "Please do not use your blog as an advertising tool. Even if your company is super-bitchen crafty-tastic, the blogs are meant to build community, not businesses."
This is not to say ...
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May 29
03:35 PM
new web site

Just wanted to get my site out there for all to see. it's new and we just started up. check us out at and let us know what you think!
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May 29
04:36 AM
Introducing: | Get Your Creative Dose!
Hello Craftistas!

I just wanted to peek around the corner to let you all know that I
have a new site that just launched this past Saturday. ( is a new online resource that
captures, highlights, and inspires our visitors with the many ...
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May 27
05:03 PM
Wood Pendants
Hey all,

I've got some fun, new pendants up for sale at my shop.

Check them out at denille e.o. designs :o)

Wood Pendant
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May 25
03:56 AM
Hi! I'm a Newbie :)
I just joined today but have search through this site for awhile. I've seen a great deal of creativity here and I felt this was the right place for me.

Here's a little bit of info about me. I'm from Los Angeles, CA. I am married with ...
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May 23
01:02 PM
$1500+ in Spread the Craft Contest
Contest Blog Image
Are you a Crafting Queen, a Naughty Knitter or a Siren of the Scrapbook? Well have we got the contest for you! Share your mad skills through a video lesson and be eligible to win from more than $1500 in prizes in the MindBites Spread the ...
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May 20
02:29 AM
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