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August 03
02:14 AM
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sugar cookie
July 17
07:48 PM
Beararium Terrarium.

Beararium., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Here is my Beararium. It is a terrarium I made from a honey bear! We seem to have alot of honey bears at our house, so I was trying to think ...

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sugar cookie
July 15
10:15 PM
Little Embroidery.

Hello. I have been working on a little embroidery using my Sublime Stitching book. I got the pattern using the download from Misako Mimoko blog. You might remember ...

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July 08
06:55 PM
Brand New Lova Revolutionary

I recently updated the handmade shop with some new goodies! The Scrap Teddy Rag Doll has arrived and there will soon be more mini Plush added!

Stop by the shop :

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June 09
02:00 AM
Tutorials on our Blog
I have a blog for tutorials that I have created, we are working to create more tutorials for you to enjoy, if you have a tutorial you'd really like to see come available please be sure to leave a comment :)

Get To The Tutorials
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June 03
12:50 AM
Handmade News Interview
Hey !
Have a look at an interview I did for Handmade News.
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May 31
05:18 AM
Recycled Phone Book Pencil Holder
Book Craft

Now there some creativity. The funny this is I have actually folded a book to look like that. When I was bored, but I never would have thought to make a pencil holder out of it. That's just one of the things you can do ...
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May 16
01:13 PM
Terrific site! I'm loving this! I'll be back soon to check everyone else out. Meantime check out my wares:
Thanks for looking! :) Ny.
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May 10
03:18 AM
Mothers Day Off
Well as it's mothers day I get to have a day off from writing the newsletter for
Well actually it's more a case of I was so tired I forget that it was even due today.

Instead I have written a newsletter ...
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May 06
05:50 PM
Tough Love

TMNT meets Hello!
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