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September 12
01:09 PM
Nerd Craft
So, I was trying to figure out if I had anything *crafty enough* to share with you girls -- something homemade and slightly off-kilter. After coding these blogs, I feel I should contribute something to them to get them going.

Then I remembered: my homemade computer! It's ...
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September 12
12:38 PM
Bored bored bored. nothing to do. NEED A CRAFT!
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September 11
10:15 AM
The Beginning..?
I have 2 other blogs--one I update about once a month; the other everyday, until July when I decided to be on 'summer vacation.' It's September I realise.

So I think I'm gonna approach this Get Crafty blog like no other. Four letters: L-I-S-T. I've ...
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September 11
09:02 AM
This is genius.

This makes me want to pick up my knitting needles and finish a scarf I promised. If only I could find my glasses.

My friends and I drove fifty miles to go see a drive-in double feature of The Village and ...
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September 11
08:44 AM
the second blog post
i'm excited about this and i'm not.

good: i think it will be really cool to see everyone else's blogs and to write your thoughts down. it's a really cool thing for getcrafty to do.

bad: my RL ...
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September 11
07:11 AM
The first blog post
Welcome to the new Getcrafty. This weekend we'll be fixing things up and making some how-to's. Enjoy!

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Go to your own blog by logging in and click "blog" in ...
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