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March 10
11:02 PM
It has been a while

It has been a long time since I posted on here. I recently started working for myself. It is not easy, and I am trying everything I can to get more sales in this down economy.

So lately, I have been working ...
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March 09
05:43 PM
New ZOmbie Bracelet I made
Zombie love
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February 22
05:11 PM
Yes DIY Can: Why the Handmade Movement is Good for the American Economy
The handmade/DIY/craft movement in America is sometimes described as anti-capitalist. Certainly, buying local handmade items is a direct rejection of support for mass-produced manufactured goods. But might the handmade/DIY/craft community also be a boon for the American economy in general?

The current recession can be ...
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February 10
08:14 PM
Oh My Glue Stick
I have just started a little blog to keep track of all of my creations. Please check me out!
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February 06
10:27 AM
Obama Chicken Soup
*Cross posted at

It might seem odd, but while Barack Obama was being sworn in, I was making chicken soup. Too excited to sit still, I did what I always do when I am in a heightened state—I went into the kitchen. When I’m happy, I ...
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January 28
05:17 PM
Hand Painted Chiffon Scarves
I love to create beautiful one of a kind hand painted scarves. All my scarves are one of a kind. ...
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January 14
01:34 PM
Any of you on it?
I am. Here I am in case you want to follow me:

oh wait. HERE:

I promise not to be spammy, and I promise to check out your tweet links.

I ...
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January 11
10:34 AM
Crafts and Creativity
We crafters know intuitively that pursuing a hobby we love has therapeutic benefits, but research is now proviing it, and there are ways we can approach our crafts to get the most of these benefits.

Please visit my blog at to talk about crafts and their ...
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January 10
11:33 PM
Finnfactor design
Hi, I just updated my blog with a new article.
Come and check it out! If there is anything that you would like for me to write about, let me know. :)
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December 12
01:32 PM
Baby Hats Complete!
For a Secret Santa gift I made a coworker knitted hats for his toddler and baby. These were super easy and my four year old daughter is begging for one of her own.

Knitted baby hats
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