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December 12
01:31 PM
Finished Knitted Wrap
This is the loom wrap I made for my mother for Christmas. I think the colors are wonderful but the yarn was super crazy hard to work with.

Knitted Wrap
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Frenetic Fashion
December 12
04:15 AM
The Cold Creeps
I have been kicking myself a bit for not making more items and knitting and crocheting more.

Oh my it is cold. My hands are freezing in our drafty Southern Californian house. And my lupus related arthritis gets cranky. Perhaps if I were less hard on myself, ...
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December 10
04:06 PM
I just need to know how to soften hemp cord BEFORE crocheting it! Does anyone have any suggestions.........
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Deco Alley
December 08
12:58 PM
Get Crafty

I am new to this site. I found it through a link on an article on Etsy. I am working on promoting my online store and to meet other crafters to share tips and ideas!

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December 06
01:37 PM
Sally Doll
I made this Nightmare Before Christmas Sally doll as a Christmas gift for a friend.
Sally Doll
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December 04
02:22 PM
New Artists at MAUstudio

I was helping my friends decorating a baby this weekend. I had so much fun. I also helped designed the party favor boxs, which look like ABC block. The theme was brown and pink.

Recently, two artists have joined my shop! They do amazing works. ...
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December 02
01:00 PM
Needle felting continues
Sometimes I just put my music on and felt for hours and hours in a row. I do not get too much done, as you know even the smallest things take time.
my recent work has been about bees and cats :) I am ...
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December 01
09:55 PM
Yay! For handmade!!!
Recently started crafting some new, cute, and exciting items for my handmade shop @ etsy, to be posted in the very near future! Check out the blog wednesday for and update! I also sold my first set of hand painted chopsticks on etsy! woohoo!
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November 30
04:41 AM
sugar scrub recipe
Crossposted at my blog,

You can find tons of recipes online for this. Feel free to experiment!

Sweet Sweet Sugah Scrub
1 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup oil (I like olive because I always have it, but you ...
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November 28
04:15 PM
why bohemeanne?
Why Bohemeanne, why?

As promised on my announcement page, I finally got around to starting my etsy blog. It can be difficult with a young baby to type and think about what Iím saying!

So the question that I mentioned, that ...
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