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April 10
01:55 PM
dad birthday gift ideas?
Hey guys! Anyone have any creative ideas for gifts I could craft/buy for my dad's birthday coming up? He's an engineer, likes playing guitar, playing video games, running, and startrek. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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March 28
09:44 AM
My daughter has to decorate a pair of jeans for Relay for Life. She has to represent lung cancer and the color is white. Any creative ideas?
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March 10
08:22 AM
Strawberrykitten update

i thought i'd update you on whats been happening with strawberrykitten. Here's my new baby blue and baby pink bear cushions - they are now in my etsy and folksy shop and would look perfect in a babies room!

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February 16
07:27 PM
Valentine's Day <3
I stumbled upon this cute gift idea and made something similar for my boyfriend for valentine's day and he loved it. :)
52 things i love about you

(book made of a deck of playing cards listing 52 things)
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February 07
07:50 AM
Jeg påtænker at...
Lære hvordan man strikker med to farver, fair isle, møsnter strik.
Jeg tror jeg vil begynde med et par endpaper mitts.

Først swallowtail.
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February 05
04:22 AM
Sjal #2 ud af 11 er begyndt.

Jeg strikker "swallowtail" i kauni (regnbue) på 4 mm addi lace. Det er en tredobbelt vinderkombination.

Jeg lurer på at strikke den igen, med malabrigo sock (lettuce) til mor i fødselsdagsgave, men det bliver ikke ...
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January 21
06:57 PM
Lova Revolutionary at CHA Trade Show in LA
Hi Crafty Friends! I'm so pleased to announce that Lova Revolutionary will be a Featured Artist for KUNIN Eco Felt at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show in Los Angeles, CA Jan 29-Feb 1, 2011. Visit booth #1701 to check it out!

LR with Kunin Eco ...
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January 04
04:14 PM
Duct tape wallet
duct tape wallet

I received this wallet as a Christmas gift, one of the more thoughtful gifts I received. :)
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December 18
07:52 PM
soda can cell phone charms
soda cell phone charm

I made this christmas tree shaped cell phone charm by cutting the shape out of an empty soda can and glueing a piece of foam cut the same way to the back of it. then poking a hole through the top and tying ...
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December 14
08:31 PM
Island of misfit toys doll
I made this little dolly out of felt and yarn, based off the doll from the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
dolly for sue
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