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I tried to tell him...
Thursday December 09th, 2004 11:07 AM
Once upon a time, back on the old Glitter forums, I talked about being afraid of my boy's laptop having bad effects on his private bits. So, I decided to give my boy a lapdesk last year for Christmas. First, he was reluctant about using and then stopped all together. Partly because he's stubborn like that, partly because he thought I was just being paranoid.

Well, he sent me an E-mail today:

EEEEK! Du hattest recht! Nie mehr ohne mein Laptop-Polster! :)

Translated:EEEEK! You were right! Never again without my lapdesk! :)

For those who don't know German well enough to read the article, here are some ones in English that say that I and the girl from Glitter, whose name I can't remember, were right:

Laptops may be hurting men's fertility
Laptops a Hot Fertility Issue

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