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Last Minute Golden Advertising Opportunity with ReadyMade!
Thursday April 05th, 2007 11:35 AM
This is super last minute but I thought I'd share with you because it is such a great deal...Advertising is so expensive that I have to applaud ReadyMade for reaching out to our community!

Alison of Wonderland Q has a great offer for you to advertise your businesss in ReadyMade:

ReadyMade Magazine has a new special insert, the ReadyMaker Digest, dedicated to handmade goods that will be included in the June/July Issue. The Digest is a great advertising opportunity for crafters to get their work out there at a low price (just $350!).

Only handmade items are allowed in the Digest, so your work will be showcased alongside other great handcrafted goods!

Like an art catalog, we would like to focus on the object:
* 12 products per page
* Single product shot, on white
* Each listing is like a walltext: product name, company name, price, raw materials, website
* Half-page digest size booklet
* Distributed to our 250K ReadyMade readers, PLUS bonus distribution at all events ReadyMade attends during the 4 month period between digests
* Digest is duplicated online with a direct link to your site

To see our current ReadyMaker digest, visit

The order for these ads are due TOMORROW April 6th, artwork is due April 11th, payment is due in June.

Please email me immediately if you are interested!!!

Alison Gordon
ReadyMade Magazine
617-281-2043 cell

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