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Monday October 11th, 2004 11:33 AM
Hello all! As we know too well, the holiday season is sneaking up on us.

So, after receiving input from several craftistas on how getcrafty might best support/provide resources on craftivism on this thread Jean asked if I'd start this craftivism blog to be used for links, resources, and sharing tips & pictures of fabulous craftivism projects.

So, what is Craftivism? Here's a definition from Jean's new book, "Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec"): “Using crafts and crafting to make the world a better place. Every time you create something with your hands and then give it away, that’s craftivism. By doing something as simple as knitting scarves for the local women’s shelter or making sandwiches for the homeless, we not only enrich each other’s lives, but we in turn feel less hopeless about the world.” So, it's a wonderful way to use your crafty gifts, and many folks find it especially rewarding during the holiday season.

Also, we want to share a great webpage for inspiration, links, and ideas: http://www.craftivism.com, run by Betsy Greer. The site's description is: "activism through crafting," and she provides a large list of links (including many for organizations accepting crafty charitable donations), and a searchable craftivism-related blog.

Please help make this craftivism blog active and collaborative - I look forward to your craftivism pictures, tips, links, and resources. Please feel free to pm (private msg) or email me thru getcrafty, or leave a comment on the blog.

Thanks! - Jen

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